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When writing a dissertation, the goal of creating original, scholarly research is to add to the body of knowledge. Your first step, therefore, should be to make sure that your proposed study is unique.

You can accomplish this by searching for dissertations similar to your proposed topic in the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses (PQDT) database. PQDT is the largest single repository of graduate dissertations and theses, with over 3.8 million works from universities worldwide. Use advanced search techniques covered in Searching 101 like subject searching, truncation, and Boolean operators to make your search more precise. You may also read about these search techniques by referring to the Preparing to Search section of our Research Process Guide.

For example, if you are studying the perceptions of elementary school teachers on the inclusive classroom, you could setup the search as shown below:


Researching similar dissertations is not only a way to ensure that you will be contributing original research to the field, but also a great way to see examples of how other students conducted a literature review and used a particular research methodology. Additionally, you can potentially identify a particular test instrument or theoretical framework appropriate for your study, as well as discover scholarly research articles that you may not have come across in your own research.

For additional guidance on using ProQuest Dissertations and Theses, see the following:

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Við erum að loka, hvers vegna gengur svona vel? Rannsókn á því hvað skýrir góðan árangur við lokun Actavis ehf. Kári Steinar Lúthersson 1969. University of Bifröst.

Hypercubes Latins maximin pour l’echantillonage de systèmes complexes : Maximin Latin hypercubes for experimental design. Le guiban, Kaourintin. Paris Saclay.

,,Hann er hetjan sem þú þarfnast" : birtingarmynd kynjanna í teiknimyndum . Andrea Björk Möller Óladóttir 1989. University of Bifröst.

Définition d’une collection de minéraux de référence afin de développer et de calibrer une méthode de datation in-situ adaptée à la surface de Mars : Checking and calibrating, with a set of terrestrial analogue rock minerals, a system for in-situ K-Ar dating at the surface of Mars. Cattani, Fanny. Paris Saclay.

Le canal calcique Orai1 : nouvel acteur impliqué dans la physiopathologie cardiaque : Orai1 calcium channel : new actor involved in cardiac pathophysiology. Bartoli, Fiona. Paris Saclay.

Epistasia multidimensional y la rugosidad de los paisajes adaptativos y factores del huésped que determinan la eficacia viral. Cervera Benet, Héctor. Universitat Politècnica de València.

Adaptation de fonction et de masse des cellules bêta pancréatiques dans un modèle d'insulinorésistance induite par les glucocorticoïdes. : Function and mass adaptation of pancreatic beta cells in a model of glucocorticoids induced insulin-resistance. Courty, Emilie. Paris Saclay.

Eru kínverskir og japanskir ferðamenn ákjósanlegir markhópar fyrir íslenska ferðaþjónustu? Kristín Ásta Harðardóttir 1987. University of Bifröst.

Neysluverðsvísitalan, sögulegt ágrip, skilgreiningar og samanburðarrannsókn . Heimir Andri Jónsson 1967. University of Bifröst.

Réseaux de multidiffusion avec coopération interactive entre récepteurs : Multicast networks with interactive receiver cooperation. Exposito, Victor. Paris Saclay.

Þróun kynjajafnréttis á Alþingi . Ásdís Björg Björgvinsdóttir 1992. University of Bifröst.

Gerðu það sjálf/ur! Leiðarvísir að árangursríkri starfsemi á alþjóðamörkuðum með netvöngum . Hafsteinn Eyland Brynjarsson 1983. University of Bifröst.

Markaðsáætlun : Hótel Skálakot . Sigríður Karólína Viðarsdóttir 1971. University of Bifröst.

Gender barriers and facilitators faced by women chefs in the gastronomy and the `Haute Cusine' fields. HADDAJI, MAJD. Universitat Politècnica de València.

III-V/Si tandem solar cells : an inverted metamorphic approach using low temperature PECVD of c-Si(Ge) : Cellules solaires tandem III-V/Si : une approche inverse métamorphique par PECVD basse température de c-Si(Ge). Hamon, Gwenaëlle. Paris Saclay.

Développement de nouveaux catalyseurs hétérogènes par modification de polymères issus de la biomasse . FRINDY, SANA. Universitat Politècnica de València.

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We’re happy to present several data visualizations to give an overall sense of the collection by county of publication, language, and field of study.

You may also want to consult these sites to search for other theses:

  • Google Scholar
  • NDLTD, the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations. NDLTD provides information and a search engine for electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs), whether they are open access or not.
  • Proquest Theses and Dissertations (PQDT), a database of dissertations and theses, whether they were published electronically or in print, and mostly available for purchase. Access to PQDT may be limited; consult your local library for access information.

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