Cause And Effect Essays On Autism

The Causes and Effects of Autism

Autism is one of the most complex mental disorders of present day society. Approximately 1.5 million Americans suffer from this disease today. There are a various amount of reasons why one may be diagnosed with autism and a various amount of ways one may react to the physical, mental, and emotional changes that take place. Although only about one in one hundred and ten people in the United States are born with autism annually, the severity and mysteriousness of the disorder impacts millions of families and doctors every day.
Autism, also referred to as pervasive developmental disorder, is a spectrum disorder. This means that diagnosed individuals are affected differently according to the severity of the particular case. Despite these differences based on severity, autism patients overall struggle in the same aspects of life: communicating, interacting, and socializing normally with parents, peers, and others. Not to be confused with schizophrenia, a defining characteristic of autism is its beginning stages. Autism most commonly appears in children within the first three years of life (Autism). It is important to understand that this disorder is psychological, meaning that the majority of the symptoms affect the brain.
To begin with, several environmental factors could be the cause for ones diagnosis of autism. There is evidence supporting the claim that an intense sensitivity to specific vaccines can cause autism. The MMR vaccine is one of those included. Autism rates increased significantly concomitantly with the introduction of this vaccination. Children tended to show symptoms of regressive autism, developed after birth and normal development, after receiving their MMR vaccination. Though this may be just a coincidence, doctors and scientists must take it into consideration in order to progress forward in their discovery for the mysterious cause of autism.
Other environmental causes have been suspected and questioned,...

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The parents of autistic children learn a lot about autism very quickly. The people who don’t learn anything, on the other hand, are the other people who are going to be around those children. Very few people really want to read anything written by the National Institute of Health if they don’t think that it applies to them. Particularly when the issue is with the kids of another person.

People can be either very autistic or just a little bit autistic. A kid can be bright, very verbal, and autistic or they can be nonverbal, autistic, and mentally retarded. The disorder has a very broad range of symptoms. One of the most significant symptoms shared by the people who suffer from this disorder is a difficulty in speaking with others socially. This can include things such as eye contact and having simple conversations with other people. Anyone who has seen a TV show or movie about autism probably thinks that they know what it is like when they see someone with autism. The truth is, though, that they are all different. Nobody is the same. Some people are chatty and like to talk and others keep quiet. Many of them have some sort of sensory input issues. Some have problems with their gastrointestinal tract. Some people have sleep difficulties or other kinds of problems in the medical area. Some may have some kind of social communication delays. As far as the medical community is aware, there is no cure for this disease. That doesn’t mean that they cannot improve at all though. Many people who have autism can improve dramatically. Treatments can be sensory, behavioral, art based, or even developmental.

Many people have heard news stories about some of the possible causes of autism. Many of them have to do with either the presence of elemental mercury or some sort of genetic flaw caused by an infant vaccine. Parents want to blame everything except for themselves. It is very possible that the causes could be environmental but it is equally possible that the problem could be in the genetics of the parents. Autism is lifelong. It is a diagnosis that stays forever. Some people are able to fix their symptoms if they are caught early enough and treatment is begun, but others are not able to do so. A person with autism will have it for life, but the symptoms may be less severe in some people than in others.

Some people will talk about kids with autism doing very well in a certain school or being able to accomplish a lot in one specific classroom setting. This setting could be perfect for a given child, but not for everyone. Kids are going to have unique needs. In a perfect world, including a kid with autism in a normal class environment is not the best option. It is a better idea to put them in a classroom that will deal with their own unique needs and to avoid placing them with kids that may be a detriment to their success.

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