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Sim Venture Activity 1 Essay

Activity 1 - Consultancy Report

Cash Flow Crisis


1. Executive summary

2. Accounting ratio

3. History of the previous six months

4. Action plan

5. Conclusion

7. Reference

8. Appendix

Executive summary

Turner Technics company is a self-owned company which has ran for 6 months business. The business on

computer as the service companies. The company doing well and have a healthy profit in recently, the

business is apparently expanding. However, it started to have operation problem, the money on hands

going to tight which affected the purchasing and limited the expansion of company.

Turner Technics Company has now assigned us to analyzed their business operation problems, provide a

proposal to put forward comments and to rescue the company from running into collapse.

On reviewing the Profit & Loss Statement, Cash Flow Report and the Balance Sheet, we figured out that

the reasons of problem are plenty of unexpected expenses, low profitability of product and bad debt,

which forced the company in a cash-flow crisis.

For the sake of preventing further problems incurred and improve the cash flow situation, we

recommended the company should reduced the expenses, improve the credit control and staff training, as

well as raise fund and capital, also rearrange the sales and marketing strategy.

Accounting ratio

To identify the problem of the company, we used the data from the Profit and lost report and the cash

flow report on June to analyzing the financial situation with details listed as below : -

1. Gross Margin %

Gross margin is used to review the difference between the production costs and

sales revenues. The higher gross margin the better profit.

Gross margin of company is 27.94%

This ratio identified the company was in a LOW profit margin which rendered

the company get a lower profit and it should cut down the costs and increase the

selling prices to gain a higher gross margin.

2. Operating Profit %

This ratio indicated the profit ratio before interest tax. The higher ratio the

better profit.

Operating profit of company is 1.82%

Such LOW operating profit identified the efficiency of cost control was very poor

and should improve it.

3. Return On Investment ( ROI ) %

This ratio used to measure the income compared with the investment of

company. The higher ratio the better investment income.

Return On Investment of company is 0.95%

This ratio which lower than 1% indicated that the company was in a poor capital

management situation.


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