Is 4550 Unit 4 Assignment 1

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Danny GreeneUnit 3 Assignment 1: Knowing the Basics1.What is a fail-safe? Machine, equipment, or computer system that rarely fails because its criTcal and most used components have backup components which are automaTcally acTvated if the primary components fail.2.What is complete mediaTon? A soFware system that requires access checks to an object each Tme a subject requests access, especially for security-criTcal objects, decreases the chances of mistakenly giving elevated permissions to that subject. What are some common examples of mediators? Spy-ware anT-virus mal-ware 3.Regarding separaTon of privilege, which funcTons should be separate? You should separate the master control of your network among three di±erent it security members. Should roles be separate as well? Explain why. Yes so that you don’t have people in di±erent departments changing thing they don’t need to. 4.What does the least privilege principal dictate? It dictates that the pracTce of limiTng access to the minimal level that will allow normal funcToning.

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