Kite Runner Reflective Essay

How To Compose A Strong Reflective Essay On The Kite Runner

The novel the Kite Runner is one of those books that has been quite the revelation in as far as the educational system is concerned. This book was published in the year 2003, written by Khaled Hosseini. The book is about a small boy, his best friend Hassan and his father, growing up in a time when there were lots of challenges in his country. This is a very good book for a reflective essay. There are lots of challenges that the writer depicts in this story, and the way they are developed over decades is incredible. It is a story of life, a life that most people can relate to. Such tumultuous stories always make for a great reflective essay and it is because of this reason that you would need as much help as you can to learn how to make this work well.

The following are some tips on how to make the best effort to deliver a really awesome story from this book:

  • Read the book first
  • Discuss the characters
  • Explain the role of the characters
  • Discuss the major events in the plot

Read the book first

The first thing that you need to know about working on a reflective paper based on a book like the Kite Runner is to read the novel first. You cannot attempt to answer any question about this book without reading through it. As a matter of fact it becomes very easy for your teacher to know whether you read the book or not, based on the kind of discussion that you will have in your paper.

Discuss the characters

When you are working on a reflective essay based on the Kite Runner, there are some characters that must stand out from your work. People like Amir and Hassan must really be the core of your paper. Other than that, you will also need to show some efficient use of the supporting characters to build your work.

Explain the role of the characters

What are the roles that these characters play in the book? How do they help with the development of the story? This is also something that has to come out clearly in when you are reflecting upon this novel in your paper.

Discuss the major events in the plot

For such a book it is almost mandatory that you have to discuss some of the major events that transpire and their significance to the development of the plot.


The Kite Runner

The kite runner is a novel authored by Khalid Hosseini. Having been of afghan-American origin, Khalid tells the story of the devastating lives of people in Afghanistan. It captures most of the aspects regarding the fall of Afghanistan, rise of Taliban regime, and how refugees escaped to Pakistan and in the U.S. The story has an incredible flow, and full of many themes such as guilt and redemption.

The story begins with two boys, Amir and Hassan, spending their moments in kite fighting in the city of Kabul. Amir comes from a wealthy home while Hassan is a son to Amir’s father servant. Amir is good at kite fighting and even gets the opportunity to showcase his talent at a tournament. The father does not think that he is a man enough until he wins the tournament. Another boy, Assef, is critical of Amir’s friendship with Hassan. On the day that he attempts to physically hurt Amir, Hassan defends him. However, when the same boy attacks Hassan and rapes him, Amir does not do anything but instead watches in cowardice. Having known that the father would be critical of his cowardly act, he keeps quiet and even plans on how Hassan and his father should be evicted from Amir’s home.

After the fall of Soviet Union and military intervention in Afghanistan, Amir and his father escape to Pakistan and then to California. They engage in business as a means of livelihood. Later, Amir acquires education, marries there but cannot have children. In a sad turn out of events, the father dies of cancer. Just before Rahim, a friend to Amir’s father, dies, he calls him to Pakistan and narrates to him how Ali and Hassan had died after protesting the confiscation of Amir’s father’s house. Surprisingly, he is made aware that Hassan was actually his biological brother. He further gives him the task to look for Hassan’s son, Sohrab, from an orphanage in Kabul.

It turns out that a Taliban official takes either a girl or a boy with him from the orphanage and offers money instead. Unfortunately, Sohrab was one among those. Surprisingly, the official is Assef, and has been abusing Sohrab in his home. The only way for Amir would to rescue him would be to accept a beating from Assef, which he does. Sohrab however intervenes by shooting Assef on his left eye. Sohrab and Amir then leave for America and go through an adoption process. The story ends up on a happy note as the Amir and his new son play kite. Clearly, the story is interesting and full of surprises.

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