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Accounts Receivable
Cover Letter

Your accounts receivable cover letter introduces you to the person doing the hiring and in about 30 seconds they would have most probably decided to read your resume or not.

That's why making the right first impression with a well-written and convincing cover letter is essential to a successful job search.

Use this sample cover letter to create your own cover letter that outshines the competition and gets you the accounts receivable job interview.

Take your job application to the next level.

Accounts Receivable       Cover Letter

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Helen Field
Hiring Manager
ABC Company
12 Industry Plaza
New York, NY 10021

Dear Mrs Field

In response to the job posting on XYZ website, please consider my resume in your search for an Accounts Receivable Specialist. I am confident that my solid experience in a similar accounting environment makes me the right person for this opportunity.

Please allow me to demonstrate my key skills as they relate to your job requirements.

  • Responsible for managing accounts for over 600 commercial customers in a fast-paced, time-sensitive environment.
  • Superior organizational skills and excellent attention to detail ensure a streamlined billing system and efficient collection process.
  • Demonstrated capability to handle complex invoicing systems, to prioritize, escalate and follow up effectively.
  • Proven success in resolving billing issues in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Well developed customer communication and negotiation skills.
  • Able to work independently and to partner productively with co-workers to create a strong team environment.
  • Sound experience in MS Office, Excel and Oracle.

I enjoy a reputation as a hard-working and conscientious employee. I am eager to make a positive contribution to your organization and I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you for an interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Janet Jobseeker

Always include a cover letter with your accounts receivable resume and job application.

This detailed accounts receivable job description will help you to write an informative and relevant cover letter. 

When writing your cover letter it is essential to carefully study the job posting and to customize your cover letter to the stated key job requirements.

A generic cover letter is quickly recognizable and will most likely sabotage your application. These resources will help you to create a unique cover letter.

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Accounts Receivable Clerk Advice

Looking to launch your career as an accounts receivable clerk? You’ll need an attention-grabbing cover letter. Our intern-specific cover letter examples make it easy to create one. Just click on the cover letter examples below, and model your cover letter after these professional samples. Choose from a variety of templates and designs, and find the right accounts receivable clerk job for you!

Cover Letter Tips for Accounts Receivable Clerk

Searching for jobs as a Accounts Receivable Clerk can be a complicated and stressful endeavor. Make your path easier by following these tips to optimize your search:

1. Network with others in your field. Keeping in touch with past and current colleagues, as well as members of your professional association, can be a great way to learn about new job openings.

2. When attending a professional event or an informational interview, make sure that your dress and demeanor is appropriate and professional. Just because this is not a traditional interview does not mean that you are not being evaluated as a potential future hire.

3. Research the companies that have open positions in your field. A knowledge of company culture and expectations can help you put together your application most effectively.

4. Keep in mind that a job search can be a lengthy process and that you may encounter many frustrations before finally landing your dream job. Do not let setbacks get the better of you; an optimistic mindset is important to the success of your search.

5. Social media can be a great tool for professional networking. In addition to LinkedIn and similar sites, some professions commonly use specialized networking sites or have a large presence on popular sites like Twitter or Facebook. Find out the prevailing norms in your industry and maintain an appropriate online presence that will impress prospective employers.

Accounts Receivable Clerk Job Seeking Tips

When looking for jobs as a Accounts Receivable Clerk, your cover letter will act as the “profile picture” employers will use to make a snap judgment about your viability as a job candidate. Review the following tips to help you create effective cover letters that will get you interviews.

1. Use bullet-pointed lists to highlight your achievements and make your cover letter easy to understand at a glance. Each point should be concise and present important information about your skills and experiences.

2. Unless your experience is truly extensive, your cover letter’s length should not exceed one page. (This does not apply to certain fields that require a curriculum vitae rather than a cover letter. ) If you see that your cover letter is too lengthy, check if you have included any irrelevant information or used excessive verbiage.

3. To make a great first impression, your cover letter should be visually appealing. Formatting should be neat and consistent, with appropriate use of spacing and bullets. To stand out, pick a font that is not included in the pre-loaded cover letter format; your font should remain easy to read and appear professional.

4. Keep in mind that valuable skills and experience can be gained from volunteering and unpaid internships. If you have a gap in your paid work history, consider whether any other activities you undertook in that time period present relevant or transferable experience.

5. If your cover letter has some gaps or other potentially problematic areas, the cover letter itself is not the place to explain these issues. Depending on the specific problem, a brief explanation may be included in your cover letter or discussed during an interview.

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