I Hate Summer Homework For 4th

List of good stuff during summer: nice warm fresh air, riding bike, relaxing, playing video games, listening to music, going on a trip with family, going to the beach, swimming, and also earning money at your favorite job.

List of bad stuff during summer: School work, bad rainy weather, not spending enough time with family and friends, not being able to do anything because of school work.

You've been enjoying a nice adventurous summer vacation for 3 months, and once September rolls around, summer vacation is over and it's back to school for another long exhausting year doing lots of worthless (bleep)!

Things to do during summer: sleep in, swim, play video games, hang out with friends, go to the beach, eat ice cream

Things NOT to do during summer: Summer math packets
I mean, summer is supposed to be a BREAK from learning right? Then we go to school after summers over. I HATE these math packets, last year we had to CANCEL our family vacation to California because of this stupid math packet!

I hate homework at the summer time. Ever since the beginning of summer my teacher was really trying to let us practice math even in the summer I argue with her telling that summer is for breaks and fun no more math and other works but I get like a thousand pages of packet and I have to finish it before a new year starts.i got tons of vacation and fun so I only finish half of the packet.

You never get a break from school work. Never. During the summer, we all are given summer reading and math and science and whatever else the school wants to give us. Instead of being able to enjoy our time off, we're stuck reading The Odyssey or some. During the school year, we can't even catch a break on the weekends. The homework and projects we're forced to do on the weekends and during the summer take up all of our free time. It needs to be stopped. Right now.

Summer: Relax, have fun, play outside, hang out with friends and family.
It's bad enough we have so much pressure in school and we have to worry about grades and being accepted.
It's like we don't have any free time ( my old school gave us homework over holidays and breaks)!

It's summer vacation people! Do teachers think that we have a life outside of school? Summer is about having fun and sleeping, not about doing boring work until fall. - EpicJake

These teachers don't know what vacation is. For example, your sitting in your classroom, it's the last day of school. Your sitting next to your friend telling him how your going to have so much fun. But then, your teacher starts passing out these giant packets. You tell him, what's this?. He says, its your summer math packet. And your like, are you serious. And he says yes, I'm serious. He says its going to be fun. And your like, no its not. PS: this really happened to me - chawk32

Summer means NO SCHOOL OR WORK. But they think is work work work all day and every day. Summer Math Packets are waste of time and very stressful. I will throw away and forget about it.

There are 3 steps to help with summer math packets. Step One. Pee on the packet. Step Two. Wait until your parents aren't around. Step Three. Throw the packet in the trash bin and enjoy your summer

We have them and the teachers say "This will help you not forget everything in 3 months. " How will a packet, get you so smart? We want t spend our summer camping, sleeping, an having fun! - chloelukasiakfan109

We basically never get time of we go to school have 2 days of and sometimes homework it's summer they give us. Packets and soon we college do more homework and then we have to get job like what heck we never get time off

Hey so yeh we made you spend 3 out of four quarters of your year dealing with us here is some more terrible work for you to do in the summer if you finish all 159 pages I'll give you a sucker if you don't a detention next year

I don't have them unless I take hard math. I don't. But anyways, in 2nd grade, my teacher gave us some math homework for summer that we were originally going to do. Instead, I used it to make a fire to go camping. I also used some pages to wipe my butt. - DumbWays2DieFan

SO MUCH STRESS. It doesn't even have to be math, but when I don't finish it within the first month, I get really stressed and keep remembering it. Also, whats the point of doing it in the summer? It's supposed to be fun

School is already bringing work into evenings and weekends with homework. SCREW SUMMER HOMEWORK! - SammySpore

Heh heh good thing I "accidentally" forgot them at school - simpsondude

My school thinks its stupid to give work over the summer holidays because like someone said, your supposed to have fun. Enjoy your only month of freedom while it lasts

Hello? Summer BREAK. BREAK. I walk into school and every teachers like "did you do your summer homework? " WE WERE ON A BREAK. (lol friends reference)

That is just the worst idea ever! Summer is for relaxing, not stupid summer work packets.

Yes, it's me, the homeschooled 12 year old. Our mum makes us do work if we go on holiday after the holidays. WHY NOT JUST GET 7 OR 8 WEEKS?!

Homework this should be the same as homework put this on number one with homework bullies number 3

In school I had to do a 50 page packet and it was due by the end of summer and it turned out that my teacher got layed off and so I did it for nothing

Thankfully I do 't get them from school, but from a tutor every summer. This summer, I had to go to a stupid tutor for 4 hours. It was hell and I lost some sanity there.

Summer is meant for sleeping, hanging out with friends,
and listening to Metallica, Tool, Megadeth, AC/DC, and
Nirvana. - MegaToolica

Summer is the time that students actually like. It means fun, waking up when you want to, traveling, no school, etc. Math is the last thing I want to do


Most of my neighbors have hated me from time to time. Specifically in the summer. My most recent neighbor to mock me is a great guy who plays in a punk band and who loves saying things like:

“Must be nice not doing anything today.” As we we pass each other in the front yard.

Now, for those of you who are teachers you know how busy our unpaid summers are. Whether it’s running edcampHOME, #CAedchat, going to a Google conference, or helping your wife by building furniture and setting up her kindergarten class, we are busy.

But people don’t think we are busy, because we aren’t going to the place where you go to learn.

Teachers aren’t the only ones who get shade thrown their way during the summer. Students do too. By who? By teachers, administrators, and school districts. This is a dangerous mindset. For whatever reason far too many schools assign summer assignments to their students. In this post I’m going to:

  • point out why summer reading assignments don’t make sense
  • provide a few alternatives that will achieve the same objective without punishing students or teachers
  • allow you the chance to prove me wrong

Summer Assignments:WHY?

TONS of school mandate summer assignments, and not just in English. Schools, parents, and teachers justify them for the following reasons.

  • They keep kids busy in the summer
  • They keep kids’ learning from disappearing, or slipping in the summer
  • They provide kids an enrichment opportunity
  • They give kids a head-start on difficult curriculum
  • They discourage the “wrong kind of kid” from taking an honors/AP class or serve as a measurement of their dedication to the class

I gave a summer reading test on the third day of school this year. Later in the day one of my honors students walked up to me as I left my room. She was in tears. She was speechless. It took well over a minute for me to get her to talk. When she finally did- she told me in a quiet whisper, “I’m so sorry I failed that test, I don’t want you to think I’m a disappointment.”

Let that sink in a bit.


We gave her a long book to read. She has no interactions with her teachers. We gave her no feedback or checks for understanding and then we dropped a big grade on her head at the beginning of school when everyone is nervous. Is that really what we want to happen in our school during the first week?

Are we really expecting students to tackle difficult material without their teachers? Do we really want them learning without us learning with them?


We have students, ALL the time, drop out of honors at the end of summer or in the first week of school because they didn’t do their summer work. Who wants to start a class with a big F or D in the gradebook?

Well David, if they aren’t willing to work hard they shouldn’t be in honors or AP classes?

But they DID work hard. They couldn’t get in the class to begin with without good grades and good test scores!

But David, the summer reading shows their dedication and serves as a prerequisite to the course?

Do they do this in college? The prerequisite, the dedication was shown LAST YEAR when they took a certain course-load and earned the right grades!

But David, I read X number of books every summer, they shouldn’t complain about reading a book or two.

Not all of your classmates did that, and summers are a little more scheduled than they used to be. Trust me.

Now this isn’t even my biggest pet peeve with summer assignments.


The worst hypocrisy of summer assignments is this. If summer assignments are good for honors and AP students than why aren’t ALL students doing them?

But David, honors and ESPECIALLY AP students need to work in the summer because they need to learn such challenging material. (apparently without their teachers to help them with this work.)

Well, isn’t reading challenging for students in the “reading program?” Why aren’t they doing summer work? Isn’t speaking, reading, writing, challenging for ELD/LEP students? Why aren’t THEY doing summer work? Heck doesn’t a CP course challenge the students in that course otherwise they would be in an honors course? Why aren’t THEY doing summer work?

I’m not a big fan of the school where I went to high school but at least THEY are consistent in killing summer for ALL their students. They give summer assignments to everyone in Social Studies and English. Love the seven page-long explanation of the Honors Biology assignment.


Everyone needs a break in the summer. Our minds hurt. Nothing hurts your mind like learning or teaching new material. Your mind needs some down time. Why are we taking away the students down time. You might say, “Well David they’ll only do the work the last two weeks of summer.”

That’s even worse. So now it’s going to hang over their heads all summer and then they will rush to do what they have to do at the very end?

PS- ever seen a teacher look at a stack of 185 summer assigned essays or dialectical journals that they have to start grading on the first week of school. It’s not pretty.


Students ARE already busy learning in the summer. They play sports. They play video games. They travel. They read. They draw and paint. They attend camps. They play music. They socialize. They discover new local places. They date. They dream. They exercise. They sleep. They visit with family. They work at jobs. Whew.

Some Alternative to the typical Summer Assignments

Idea #1

What if teachers on the campus created a Google Slide. One for each teacher. On the Google Slide was a list of ideas for students to learn about their world during the summer. Here’s an example:

Even if every teacher just had four ideas on a slide, students and their parents would have a ton of ideas and these ideas would help students and parents get to know the teachers better. Heck you could ask every staff member at your school to contribute including the district office. Can you imagine the conversations that would take place in the hallways the following school year?

Idea #2

Just have students keep a learning scrapbook. This learning scrapbook could have pictures, drawings, tweets, FB posts, logs of experiences, ANYTHING. Then the following school year have teachers in each subject ask students to take something from their learning log and apply it to something they are learning in class. Here is an example of what you could do.

Idea #3

A question log. Just have students keep track of questions all summer. They could post them on social media with a hashtag, put them under pictures in Instagram, or use them in class when they return. Students could prioritize their questions and do something with those essential questions. Students could ask the questions online via a Google form and then see if a staff member could answer the question(s). If students are asking questions during the summer. They are exercising their minds.

Idea #4

Trust parents that they know what’s best for their children and family and give THEM the choice of what to do with their precious summer vacation. There aren’t that many in one’s lifetime. Savor them. Give them back to the kids, as a wonderful gift from your staff.

I’m not the only one to question summer assignments. Even the New York Times weighed in on “The Crush of Summer Homework.”

One of my former FVHS students just wrote this brilliant blog post describing what her sister went through in preparing for her 9th grade summer reading. Yes she graduated last year… yes she is still writing on her blog. It’s a gold mine.

So am I way off base? Let me know by writing a comment below, write your own blog post response, or Tweet to me. Like This:

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