Why Do Students Hate Writing Essays

Is writing an essay a chore from the Devil? It has to be, because how else can you explain so many people hating it?

Well, technically, if superstition’s left aside, we will end up with 3 icky reasons why students hate writing essays. These are, by the way, the same ones that affect the very existence of essay writing help sites.

But what are they? What are these three reasons?

#1 – Lack of relevance

Frankly, an essay is pointless in 99.9% of cases. We just write them for the sake of great scores. That’s it. No passion, no spirit, no value. Once you submit your paper it will be graded by a single teacher and then tossed aside into a pile of neatly stored papers forever.  So, why bother and invest time, resources and energy if you can pay a random dude to make the job for you? Especially given that random dude has higher success rate chances because he is writing these kinds of papers to make a living and has a ton of experience behind back.

By the way, this brings us to our second reason – lack of experience.

#2 – Insufficient writing experience

How many essays did you write in your lifetime? Just be frank. Is it one, two, three even? In either case that’s not enough for you to know every trick in the book.

People usually don’t know anything about essay writing, appropriate quotation and citation rules, decent narrative flow or text logic. This lack of skill is intimidating, especially given that a grade is at stake and nothing more. A grade that can affect your overall scores – the dumb numbers people care more about than actual knowledge. If the stakes are as high – why risk it?

#3 – Students are on the clock

I know a lot of students who don’t have enough time to enjoy a decent breakfast. A lot of them have part time jobs, lections as well as personal life on their hands. Internships demand a lot of dedication; hobbies or sports activities take away the juice that remains after attending classes, and there simply isn’t a moment to spare.

Combine vivid lack of time with the two reason mentioned earlier (lack of relevance AND experience) and you’ll get that it’s easier not to get started even. Research and writing will simply take away too many hours of precious time.


Now that you know about the reasoning and motivation of students who prefer to pay for an essay, you also understand the world of constant pressure they live in better.

In that particular world, given there is no actual academic or educational value in writing an essay, avoiding the chore would be the most reasonable thing to do. Some may call it laziness, but I call it productivity. We have our lives to live, our jobs to do and, unfortunately, there isn’t a place for writing in it. At least not for forced writing – that’s for sure!

‘I love essay writing’, said no student ever. Okay, I agree that my statement might be an exaggeration, but more often than not I have found students not too keen on writing essays. While a small percentage of kids might like writing essays, the truth is that majority of students loathe essay writing.

So why do students hate writing essays? I conducted a survey in my class, asking my students the very same question. And this is what I found out:

Nearly 50% of my class finds essay writing a boring exercise. 25% of my students complained about the amount of time it takes to write an essay. 15% of kids claimed that extensive research required to write an essay bums them the most. And the remaining 10% called the whole essay writing exercise futile.

Now that we, teachers, know why there is a strong dislike towards essay writing among students, I wonder what the teaching community suggests to deal with students’ negativity towards writing essays.

It would be great if my fellow teachers could give me tips to make the whole essay writing exercise a joyful experience!

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