Com 156 Week 2 Assignment

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Gender Role Analysis

SOC 333 – Genders in Society

Gender Role Analysis

The gender role has a great impact in a day to day life of a person. The gender roles can be observed in different aspect of society such as education, government and businesses. This study aims to deal with the educational materials which influence gender roles in the academy in terms of day to day interaction and communication. This also aims to understand the role of male and female in the government, papers and policies, and how these policies deals with the peculiarities among men and women.

Another, this will evaluate the gender roles in a work setting. This will look for distinctiveness between men and women, and their state in a given role. Fundamentally, the processes will help them profit better, affor benefits and deal with another sex or gender; there are businesses which provide time to deal with this issue.

Gender and its Role in Education

It was observed that gender

Lesson Plan 2 Section 1: Lesson Information Grade level. Kindergarten (children ages 4-6 years old) Estimated level of developmental stage for this age/ grade. Cognitively in the preoperational stage approximately ages 2-7. Developmentally becoming more adult like working on coordination and balance. Affective development may fall somewhere between being able to play associatively or cooperatively. (Hastie, 2012) Number of students. 20-25 Students Fundamental skill to be taught. This will help reinforce various motor skills, patterns of movement, how different animals move and the environments that the animal live in. (PE Central, n.d.) We will have different movement patterns like gorilla walk, bear walk, jump leap, alligator crawl, kangaroo jump, rabbit hop, turtle crawl, inchworm crawl, penguin walk, snake slither,(PE Central, n.d.) and other ways to move like different animals that the children might crate. National Standard. Standard 1.- “The physically literate individual demonstrates competency in a variety of motor skills and movement patterns” (Shape America, n.d.).

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