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by thangngovan

Hi everyone. I am a beginner in IELTS, and studying by myself because I have no condition to take a class. I will do IELTS in next 2 months, so I really need your help, specially in checking essay. Below is my first essay on leisure time, every comment is a helpful advice for me!

Some people think that it is important to use leisure time for activities that improve the mind, such as reading and doing word puzzles. Other people feel that it is important to rest the mind during leisure time.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Leisure time is necessary for people after working and studying hard, and there are various recreation activities to do base on oneself purpose. Many people support the methods helping the mind getting better, while others endorse the thinking to rest in free time, but it is more effective if we take part in outside activities.

It is true that people can improve their personal ability by practicing pursuits improving the mind. By doing the word puzzles, this activity helps us raise the logical thinking and solve problems at work more effectively. On the other hand, we can wider our knowledge and absorb more information from many kind of books, the mental health will be better.

Standing at the other view, putting the mind at rest by enjoying media entertainment, people reduce the stress. After long day at work or school, we usually feel tired and need to relax. There are many channels such as watching films, listening music and playing games, our mind will balance again.

However, the pursuits of two sorts above have some disadvantages, such as we feel more stressful when practicing the mind or to be not conscious if using electronic entertaining methods, we should take outdoor actions. When enjoying outside events, for instance, doing exercise or playing sports bring about our physical health will be better, the mind will be refreshed and having energies for new works.

In summary, doing activities, improving our mind in leisure time will enhance our thinking but perhaps, also lead to feeling more stressful. Meanwhile, laying the mind to rest helping us reduce work’s pressure, however, we can feel graver. Personally, participating in outside pursuits is good for both metal and physical health.

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Pressure at Work and Time to Relax

by Mahesh Senadheera
(Sri Lanka)

Many people think that nowadays people are being subjected to more and more pressure in their work and thus are having less and less time to relax.

What is your opinion?

yes, it is true that people are having less time to relax as they are subjected to more pressure in their work. it has been the routine of the average man to wake up early in the morning, to leave the home for work, to work to dusk and return home late night. Thus it is reasonable to say that people are being subjected to pressure and they have no time even to dream of relax.

Due to the distance of the working place, a number of people find it difficult to reach there on time. So it is customory for them to leave the home early in the morning. To finish the daily course of the duty, they work as machines. Very often they fail to complete the duty of the day. The result is the amount of work on his shoulder is graduly climbing up. Consequently, intense of pressure is going up. Whether he is a government or prviate employ, this is the common situation. As a result, he has been deprived of his time to relax an refresh.

On the other hand, people in this ultra modern generation are engaging in a very hectic life style because of their personal needs. They have been helpless in the management of their time. Load of the work, duty of the personal and the social life is pressurizing them moment by moment. Unwillingly, duty of the family and children become agrave problem if they do the work for living properly and vice versa. It leaves them only pressure and stress.

According to the facts mentioned above, many people in the society today are being deprived of their time to be with the family members, to relax and refresh.

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Best Use of Leisure Time

by ahmet

Please provide me with some feedback on my Leisure Time Essay.

Some people think that it is important to use leisure time for activities that improve the mind, such as reading and doing word puzzles, other people feel that it is important to rest the mind during leisure time.

Discuss both opinions and give your own opinion.

Many people believe that it is significant using spare time for things that enhance the mind, for instance reading and doing word puzzles. the others think that it is vital to relax the mind during spare time. In my opinion, I agree that people should use leisure time for activities which improve the mind.

On the one hand, some people have very exhausting job. Therefore, they would like to relax during leisure time, so they do not want to do anything within this time. They think they need to rest. Moreover, many people are lazy, for this reason they do not keen to do activities to improve the mind. For instance reading a book and doing Sudoku puzzles.

On the other hand, many people have stressful job too, but they would like to enhance the mind. Therefore, they do many things within leisure time. Such as reading a novel, solving puzzles, doing exercises which are useful for improving the mind. I think that people who utilize spare time doing activities that boost the mind are more successful than others who love to use spare time for relaxing.

Finally, in my opinion, people should use their leisure time to improve the mind. For this reason people should do anything which is useful for enhancing the mind. Moreover, I would argue that, people should hard working not to be idle. So they always doing something to be more successful. Furthermore, I think some activities are so relaxing while they improve the mind. Such as doing Sudoku puzzles.

In conclusion, I agree that people should do activities that improve the mind during leisure time. Because, while that they are performing activities for improving the mind, the activities can contribute to job achievement. Moreover, I think, leisure time should be used effectively since it is so precious.

Work Pressure and Leisure Time

by liv

Many people think that nowadays people are being subjected to more and more pressure in their work and thus are having less and less time to relax.

What is your opinion?

Today, almost all the people are declining their leisure time rather they are over occupied and concentrated working.

First reason is competition inside the work place. Some people are treasuring their job, which some might replace their position anytime due to jealousy and envy, so workers are devoting their full time in working. For example, a nurse supervisor does not want to return to become a ordinary nurse, in order to maintained her rank. She should do her best to protect her position. Second reason is like expenditures. Some people are busy working for two or three jobs in order to support unnecessary necessities in their life, such as buying brand new car, “beyond your means”, meaning in their life that the salary is not enough to support any expenses. This shows that people re occupied working because they need to pay their debt.

In my daily observation and opinion, workers should think that money is not all the matters for the reason that life is so short, which is why, as long as we still alive we need to enjoy whatever we have, in simple or extravagant way. Moreover, material things are easily can come and go and these things are not important in order to become happy. Giving importance of spending leisure time like going to watch cinema and visiting abroad so that we will feel happy.

I therefore conclude, life is go on, so we need to enjoy single moment of our family, friends and people that surrounds us, rather than having the work position with pressure and in the end, we miss the happiness in our life.

Work and Relaxation

by Long
(hong kong )

Many people think that nowadays people are being subjected to more and more pressure in their work and thus are having less and less time to relax.

What is your opinion?

Leisure time is essential in people's lives especially in this busy world, the valuable leisure time is getting less. However, people have different views on how to utilise their time. Some suggest to have mind improving activities yet the others believe resting is better. This essay will discuss on both sides of arguments.

Some people believe having brain stimulation by activities can help in children development. Young people usually learn academic knowledges from school. Other than traditional learning, reading novels or science fiction stimulate their imagination, having mini- games such as world puzzles, Sudoku can facilitate their logical thinking. Multiple players' activities also provide platform for building teamwork. people can fully utilise their recreational time in order to improve their intelligence, which is important to become competitive in this crucial society.

However, on the other hand, there are some strongly assert that resting is fundamental for leisure purpose. Nowadays, working over 50 hours a week is commonly seen elsewhere. Therefore, having such brain demanding activities after work or study would be a big burden to the participants. Instead, activities such as exercising, listening to music or even taking a nap would help recharging brain by simply resting. It is obvious that our brains require adequate rest to function in optimal level, people can concentrate on their works or learning after relaxation.

In my opinion, both sides have their meets. Resting is significant between working intervals, while mind improving games boost brain development. Hence, I suggest people should employ mind stimulating activities if mentally capable. if people who get fatigue from using brain, mild activities would be good options to recharge.

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Leisure Time and Study

by Orifjon

In some countries young people have little leisure time and are under a lot of pressure to work hard on their studies.

What do you think are the causes for this?

What solutions can you suggest?

From the perspective of history countries were divided into several levels according to their inner development and status. Nowadays current issue is still in trend. Basically, there are some countries where students study under pressure, not having time to relax or do some leisure activities. In this essay, major reasons and possible solutions will be outlined according to question above.

In my modest opinion, the basis of current issue lies in deep roots of education system of discussing countries. More clearly, governments -when planning the system - were now aware of students, who will then have to study following the government's system. Pattern of education was schemed involving positive sides only for governments rather than students. Some countries, for instance, are strictly critisized in planning the system compressed in order to spend less budget of organisation. This is, obviously, the most frightening way of objection of humanity's civil rights. One possible approach can be found in altering the way governments look at future of their own. In other words, the fact that proves that young generation is government's main stick point in the future should agitate them.

The second and the main reason, however, touches the field of schools, universities and other educational organisations. The difference between humankind and animals is only - human moral ability to fell and think. By this argument, students are not tend to feel moral help from educational institutions. 2/3 of all educational institutions forgot about "motivation", "inspiration" and "encouragement". In this cruel world all of humanity attempts to show his cruelty and violence. And from my strongest point of view, problem can be solved by encouraging students morally, to support and help by showing various ways that can withdraw out of harsh situations. Educational organisations should find out ways of innovative pedagogical methods. Only this way, problem of student pressure can be solved.

By way of conclusion, I find it necessary to reaffirm my point on altering the way governments and educational organisations see their future, otherwise serious problems can occur in society of ours.


What do you think of this Leisure Time Essay about studying?

You can let the writer know by leaving your comments below.

Favorite leisure time activity, Knitting, walking, biking, taking pictures, exploring the internet. JStevenson.



I love to read, write and illustrate myths and do yoga. Jairia.


My favourite leisure time activity would be spending time with my daughter, she is 14 and the time when she doesn't want to spend so much time with me is rapidly approaching, so I am making the most of the here and now, and hope that in the future she will still want to spend at least some time with me -




Fishing or Camping

I love fishing and camping trip, this is part of my school holiday fun then big fun of all is traveling oversea!!

Well for now I always get tips of the HotSpot to fish and most of the time when I got there...I'll never have a chance on the fishing rod because my son always wanted to have a go first!!


Fishing with this view just infront of your eyes....







My favourite activity will have to be reading. We became librarians and library technicians because we love reading. If you didn't love reading you couldn't enjoy the job as much I reckon.

I also like to play computer games (I'm such a nerd!) At the moment I'm playing a game called Vampire the Masquerade - Bloodlines. I'm up to the last section of the game. It's pretty blood thirsty but I enjoy the role playing and the problem solving. CSI PC games are good for that too.

My favourite leisure time activities are spent outside with my family; and in Summer that sometimes means a late afternoon on a Melbourne beach. The following is something I emailed a couple of years ago:A man, a woman, a little blonde girl sprawl together on an oversized

beach towel eating fish and chips on a warm but cooling evening. Every

now and then the little girl gets up to chase the seagulls away from

there dinner and generally boss them about. The married couple (for so

they are) smile at each other and at the sights around them:the wave

riders skimming along on their boards,their arms straining to keep

them under control, the group of teenage boys and the obligatory solo

girl being 'cool' near their car, the middle-aged women and the lovers

in the distance promenading along the waters edge.The woman hitches up

her work skirt to wade and splash in the water with her family. They

all brace themselves a little bit before entering the ocean, expecting

chilly water but the shimmering, multi coloured liquid is surprisingly

mild - perhaps not really seawater? The sky is a haze of pinks and

apricots and if the family look in the 'wrong' direction their eyes

are filled with dazzling gold. Water is kicked into the air and

droplets sparkle. The sea tugs gently at the sand around feet,

alternately burying and revealing. People are spun and chased,

incredibly valuable shells and feathers are collected, mounds are

created. And the woman thinks, i must remember to tell someone about

this moment and add it to my other beautiful ordinary moments. Electron

My favourite activity at the moment is stitching - I am stitching a woolen blanket for my first grandchild and I just love the relaxing feeling that gives me. If I read I go to sleeeeeeeep, but if I stitch, I just keep on stitching!!! Another Dee



I did write about my favourite activity but it got lost somewhere on this site as a I created it as a new page, all about travelling with people I know, the best experience is to go to new and interesting places and share this with someone you care about... dee dee



My favourite thing to do when I need to relax , is visit the site and sing along with people all over the world. No one judges your singing talents, (and mine are horrible) but its a lot of fun. josiem


Daydreaming! It seems there is never enough time for imagination.


My favourite leisure time activity is writing. Except, I am not sure if you would call it leisure. It is not even relaxing. I do it for hours and I work really hard at it but I dont' get paid for it. It is completely intoxicating. Next year I am going to do some TAFE writing subjects. Does that mean it is no longer leisure but education. What if you enjoy learning things? I am in a library, I should look up the meaning of the word leisure then I would know, I suppose ...



My favorite leisure time activity is machine knitting. I love to mix yarns and try new techniques. It is a pleasure to give a gift of knitting. Karen

Favorite leisure time activity? - sorry no surprises here - I am a teacher-librarian after all - my favorite leisure time activity by far always was and probably will be reading.f

Favorite leisure activity is on my laptop...of course that is after I swam, ran , meditated, orked out with the pilates ball, cooked some lucious meals with Tyler Florence, played with my black lab, talked with the kids on the phone and finished the novel I started.....maybe just living and being grateful is my favorite activity.


My favorite leisure activity is reading in a cozy chair with a glass of pinot noir


I like your style, Ms/Mr Pinot Noir! :o) My favourite leisure activity is writing - an odd leisure pastime considering I'm a journalist and that's how I earn my daily bread. I love the freedom writing as 'me' instead of wearing my professional hat as I do for my freelance clients and my full-time employer. Sneaking up close to that and giving it a bit of a "hey you" nudge is my other favourite leisure activity ... Cooking! So if you'd like to see the two happily married and living in cyber heaven, check out *Bon apetit*


Painting, drawing, reading, bushwalking, I'm never bored!



sleeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggg. Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) is my mentor, role model and person I most aspire to be like. She also gets woken by a handsome rich prince is carried away to a life of ease.

I like the idea of Aurora as your mentor, I love sleeping in that dozy state of nanny naps (must be my age).....zzzzzzzzzzz



Apart from reading and spending time with my animals, my favourite leisure activity is spending time with friends eating, drinking and conversing... Proudwoman.


I enjoy reading, playing around on my computer and spending time with my grandson and son's. I have a large yard and enjoy riding around cutting the grass. Great mindless work. I can think about whatever. Growing pumpkins seems to consume some of my time and a lot of my thoughts. Anyone have a way of keeping the deer out of a pumpkin patch??????? pumpkinparlour


Mahjong - definitely Mahjong! I am addicted to the game. It's fun, lots of stimulation for my brains, just what I needed now as I aged. C'mon give it a try! ask your HK friends most of the them would know how to play this game.

My favourite activity is gardening. I work in all weathers wintertime, autumn and spring, then stroll around now (late spring, summer), cup of tea in hand and breathe in the fresh air, smell the perfume of the roses, notice the changes, and feel the absolute pleasure of creation. It doesn't get much better than this. Next best would be a great book, movie or time with family or friends.

The Love of Creating Personal Jewellery

As per my title one of my favourite leisure activities is creating my own personal jewellery. So far i have enjoyed creating more for others than for myself. I went to a jewellery exhibition & starting buying & collecting a variety of pieces. In turn, i enjoy collecting jewellery pieces & fine jewellery tools. I have made a sterling silver necklace of fresh water pearls & tubes. It is a gift from the heart given to 2 of my best friends for their birthday. The necklace is suitable for evening wear. I hope they enjoy wearing it as much as i enjoyed making it.


My favourite leisure time activity is watching, enjoying and playing with my 2 young sons. One is 4 and I cherish the times watching him learn, enjoy and wonder over things. Such a fantastic age to explore...just being with him enriches my love for him. The four years that have passed so quickly have taught me to value every moment I can spend with my 8 month old baby. So juggling my time with and between them both - just being with them is my favourite activity


My favourite leisure activityis finding a quiet place and listening to beautiful music, particularly opera, but often Beethoven. I also like dangling my feet in a cool stream - the Rubicon Valley is lovely - and enjoying the carefree experience.


My favorite leisure time activity is Drawing, and on occasion, painting. I'm currently learning to draw the Human body. It's a bit different to abstract, but it allows me to be more creative in my work. And with josh groban's music in the background what more can one artist need.Kat 2 BE



My favorite leisure time activity is windsurfing. There is nothing like the feeling of the warm wind as I fly along the water.




I like to take photographs especially of my twin grandaughters and place on flickr to share with family and friends. I also like to read and listen to books.



Reading, Sleeping, Quilting

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