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We Wear the Mask Essay

1368 words - 5 pages Paul Laurence Dunbar’s “We Wear the Mask” is a lyric poem in which the point of attraction, the mask, represents the oppression and sadness held by African Americans in the late 19th century, around the time of slavery. As the poem progresses, Dunbar reveals the façade of the mask, portrayed in the third stanza where the speaker states, “But let the dream otherwise” (13). The unreal character of the mask has played a significant role over the life of African Americans, whom pretend to put on a smile when they feel sad internally. This ocassion, according to Dunbar, is the “debt we pay to human guile," meaning that their sadness is related to them deceiving others. Unlike his other poems,... VIEW DOCUMENT

We Wear the Mask Essay

2552 words - 10 pages Paul Dunbar was an famous African- American poet known for his famous literary works and gained national critical aclaim for his ability to transform the struggle of the black race into powerful poems. His mother and farmer were both former slaves who served in the army. Dun bar’s family grew in extreme poverty, but his mother was always supportive of Dunbar’s love for poems which stemmed from having heard them from the family she used to work for. During Dunbar’s older years he attended Dayton’s central high and was the only black students however his scholarly abitlities was what distinguished him from the rest. He was class poet and president of the literary society in school. During... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Language of the Black Condition and All Conditions: Paul Laurence Dunbar’s “We Wear the Mask”

1112 words - 4 pages Paul Laurence Dunbar’s poem, “We Wear The Mask” cleverly talks of the black condition in a language so universal that it could apply to any race of people that tries to hide their emotions from the world in order to survive. Dunbar argues for the reality of the black man’s plight in America, the black man's struggle for equality in the world, and the struggle for peace within. These are circumstances of the poet’s life that influenced his writing of the poem. PARAGRAPH 2: Background information on your author or document. Paul Laurence Dunbar’s was born in Dayton, Ohio in 1872, to parents who were former slaves. His parents divorced when he was four years old. Dunbar developed a... VIEW DOCUMENT

Paul Laurence Dunbar's "We Wear the Mask" and His Facade of Opinions

886 words - 4 pages Paul Laurence Dunbar's poem "We Wear The Mask" is about his views on racism and the struggle for equality for the African-Americans. What is so beautifully unique is how he wrote it in an artful, refined dissimulation of his true self. He is deliberately misleading and often indirect as if to hide beneath his words, coming across as oblique and delicate at the same time. This further stresses the idea of the mask, being concealing and elusive, in many ways. This particular piece of work is unequaled, not only to the literary world, but the author himself. Paul Laurence Dunbar's other poems are written in a specific dialect, brought on by his African-American... VIEW DOCUMENT

?An Interpretation of Paul Laurence Dunbar?s Poem Sympathy and We Wear the Mask?

1186 words - 5 pages      Throughout African American history, African Americans have used poems as a way of describing the African American condition in America. One poet who was widely known for using poetry to describe the condition of African Americans in America was Paul Laurence Dunbar. Paul Laurence Dunbar was one of the most prolific poets of his time. Paul Laurence Dunbar used vivid, descriptive and symbolic language to portray images in his poetry of the senseless prejudices and racism that African Americans faced in America. Throughout this essay I will discuss, describe and interpret Sympathy and We Wear the Mask. Both Sympathy and We Wear the Mask were written by Paul... VIEW DOCUMENT

Contrast and comparisons of "Aftermath" by Seigfried Sassoon and "We wear the Mask" by Paul Laurence Dunbar

616 words - 2 pages Poetry EssayHuman history is characterized by conflict. Conflict can be manifested as war, as conflict to find food, or as personal conflict to find one’s identity. Although human life is marked by conflict, it does not define us. What defines us as humans is our unique ability to handle conflict – what is known as the human condition. The emotions that are experienced during conflict can be manifested as anger. However, that is not the only way. The way people handle conflict can also be represented by a person’s integrity, perseverance and most importantly, hope for the future. One of the best outlets for expressing human emotions is through poetry. Poems often use... VIEW DOCUMENT

How do we determine the intended meaning of a metaphor?

1993 words - 8 pages When Ralph Waldo Emerson said that "all men are poets at heart," he might have been exposing a deeper truth than he realized. For even in the coldest, most calculating of minds there are indeed wisps of pure poetry. The metaphor, metaphore, or metaphora is a figure of speech in which a word or phrase literally denotes one kind of object or idea used in place of another to suggest a likeness or analogy between them.Metaphor Comprehension Theories3-step Comprehension Model (Clark & Lucy, 1975)Utterances may have intended meanings that differ from their literal meanings. According to Grice, the intended meaning is based on the cooperative principle VIEW DOCUMENT

Hamlet 13

620 words - 2 pages In Shakespeare's tragedy, Hamlet, there are many themes that appear throughout the play. During the sequence of events in the play we see that there are many obvious themes and many underlying themes. One of these themes that can be seen throughout the play is the way characters appear as one thing, and really are different in their actions at different times. Characters wear a sort of mask to keep them and their feelings inside. We see this with the way that Hamlet hides behind his madness and the way that Claudius puts forth a somewhat kind image when really he is cold and self-serving. Analyzing all the characters we see that this mask of deception theme is a highly fundamental part of... VIEW DOCUMENT

Personification and Metaphor in two of Paul Dunbar´s Poems

1230 words - 5 pages The poem “ We Wear the Mask” was written by Paul Laurence Dunbar .The poem is about the mask, humans wear to disguise pain, sadness, or turmoil when in the company of others. The speaker opens with the title of the poem so that readers know that the “mask” is really important.In the beginning of the poem we see that the people’s hearts are not just"torn" (4) but also "bleeding" (4). which really emphasizes the struggle behind the mask. The poem is about people who have a lot of pain, but pretend it is not there by wearing a mask to cover it up.The poem is universal, but it says “We" (1.) At the end of the poem the people still continue to smile while dying on the inside. They believe that... VIEW DOCUMENT

I live my life a rebel, a vigilante, devils try to get at me

836 words - 3 pages Zachary Kincaid Anne Flanagan English 102 4 May 2014 I live my life a rebel, a vigilante, devils try to get at me Intro:Paul Laurence Dunbar was an African-American poet, novelist, and playwright of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Born to parents who had been slaves in Kentucky before the Civil War, Dunbar started to write as a child and was president of his high school's literary society. He published his first poems at the age of 16 in a Dayton newspaper. I've only read one of Dunbar's poems but I know Dunbar's work is known... VIEW DOCUMENT

What is a true American?

883 words - 4 pages What is A True American? Are "Americans" portrayed as Europeans who live in America, or do "Americans" have their own particular characteristics built upon European backgrounds throughout history? There are different characteristics between a European and an American. In "What is an American?" by Michel-Guillaume-Jean de Crevecoeur, he describes the hardship emigrating from France to America where many opportunities were offered to him and depicts the meaning of showing patriotism to ones country for what the country has done for... VIEW DOCUMENT

The superhuman

1468 words - 6 pages Do Superheroes Hide Behind Masks?For centuries, society and literature have revered and idolized extraordinary individuals called "heroes." The word hero brings to mind several images: strength, bravery, and determination. Heroes have been part of human cultures for thousands of years. Gilgamesh can be seen as the original superhero, followed by many others including Hercules, Spiderman and Superman, Batman and Catwoman. Heroes in "The Iliad" by Homer such as Agamemnon, Achilles, and Hector, all exhibit courage, strength, and perseverance. Our history books are filled with accounts of heroic actions. Daily... VIEW DOCUMENT

Cruel and Evil Punishment

674 words - 3 pages During the Middle Ages, punishment was the solution to every criminal or social offense ranging from stealing to adultery to heresy. All these areas of medieval punishment had there own means of justice, however the most interesting and most controversial would have to be, the use of torture. Torture is the use of physical or mental pain to obtain information, to punish a person, or to control the members of a group to which the tortured person belongs. Although torture was the usual form of punishment in Medieval Times, torture today would never be acceptable by our civilized society. One of the better punishments... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Importance of Wearing a Face Masks during a Hockey Game

1641 words - 7 pages Imagine that you are a hockey player and are skating down the ice without a visor on your helmet, and suddenly a player from the other team shoots the puck and it hits you in the eye traveling at 70-90 miles per hour. Your face is covered in blood and you can’t see to skate off the ice. As the athletic trainer cleans the blood up you wonder if you will ever be able to see again. After a trip to the doctor you learn that you will have cloudy vision in that eye for the rest of your life and will never be able to play hockey again. If you had known that this was going to happen, would you have worn a face mask or even a visor? It is possible to go completely blind if you get hit in the eye... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Lord of the Flies

992 words - 4 pages William Golding used a lot of symbolism when writing his book The Lord of the Flies, and the most interesting symbols used are masks. These masks come in many different forms, and by careful study of events throughout Golding’s novel, one discovers their significance. Physical masks are used by many characters such as Jack and Piggy, and they are perhaps the least ambiguous forms found in the book. The idea of a mask encompasses more than just these literal interpretations, however. Metaphorical masks are used in abundance throughout the book. Much can be revealed about the characters based on how or if they chose to wear their masks, and the major theme of the book is tied closely to their... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Significance of Masks in Art Speigleman's "Maus"

1138 words - 5 pages Masks have held countless uses and meanings throughout history. Masks have been used in plays, like those of Shakespeare, traditional dances, social gatherings, even as a form of casual or corporal punishment. Although masks have several different uses in different cultural situations, the meaning of the masks is generally the same. Masks are used to conceal an appearance and assume the identity of another. Metaphorically, masks can be used to hide feelings, to protect oneself, and to block out the outside world. Many of these examples are shown in Art Speigelman's Maus.During Maus, the illustration of masks is made very... VIEW DOCUMENT

The theme of masks, tweflth ni

1011 words - 4 pages Have you ever worn a mask before? Maybe the mask wasn't a costume mask, but it was a mask to make you seem happy, or seem cool, or anything that made you feel like something than you are not normally. Chances are you have. Trying to fit in with the crowd, a mask is used to obtain the things we cannot reach on our own. Masks are especially common today because of the pressures to belong to the "in" group, or the pressures to succeed. Books, using masks, commonly show the many connotations of masks. They are used to find out what people are for real, on the inside of the mask. The imagery of masks is used throughout the book of Twelfth Night. VIEW DOCUMENT

Fascades of Current Society

1087 words - 4 pages      Throughout history women, men, and children have all felt the pressures and manipulations by the media through some façade style form or shape. A Façade by definition is a false, superficial, or artificial appearance or effect, which is primarily imposed or placed on an object, group, or even individual. Through the use of words, deliberate images, and material items advertised within society, as a result have become pressures felt by all types of individuals. Many of these pressures forced upon individuals, prevalent in society today, has in turn created a false sense of ideals and an artificial basis of reality. Men, women, and children all wear some form of... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Lord of the Flies

1220 words - 5 pages William Golding’s masterful use of symbolism is exemplified in his book Lord of the Flies, in which he uses masks to represent . These masks come in many forms, and by careful study of events throughout Golding’s novel, one discovers their significance. Physical masks are used by many characters such as Jack and Piggy, and they are perhaps the least ambiguous forms found in the book. The idea of a mask encompasses more than just these literal interpretations, however. Metaphorical masks are used in abundance throughout the book, and much can be revealed about the characters based on how or if they chose to wear their masks. The significance of these masks is also tied closely to the theme... VIEW DOCUMENT

Isolation Precautions in Healthcare

968 words - 4 pages What are isolation precautions you might be wondering? Isolation precautions are "practices of infection control to reduce or eliminate the transmission of pathogens" (Foundations Of Nursing).Some of these precautions include gowns, gloves, and masks. Isolation precautions came to exist in order to protect other patients and yourself from the patient with deadly and contagious dieses such as tuberculosis."The fear of contagious disease... dates from at least biblical times where people with leprosy or plague were usually segregated from the rest of the society" (Nursing Standard). The most common way to spread microorganisms is by physical contact with someone such as a effortless... VIEW DOCUMENT

Art History

1382 words - 6 pages Crooked Beak of Heaven Mask is a big bird-figure mask from late nineteenth century made by Kwakwaka’wakw tribe. Black is a broad color over the entire mask. Red and white are used partially around its eyes, mouth, nose, and beak. Its beak and mouth are made to be opened, and this leads us to the important fact in both formal analysis and historical or cultural understanding: Transformation theme. Keeping that in mind, I would like to state formal analysis that I concluded from the artwork itself without connecting to cultural background. Then I would go further analysis relating artistic features to social, historical, and cultural background and figure out what this art meant to those... VIEW DOCUMENT


2470 words - 10 pages Raksha Khetan 1Week OneMasks of VeniceVenetian masks have existed for centuries and can be found all over the world in books, in costume shops, as art in galleries and even in movies. These highly decorated disguises have become a part of many cultures influenced by the Venetians.Back in the 12th and 13th... VIEW DOCUMENT

Shooting An Elephant

941 words - 4 pages Shooting an Elephant In life we as humans often make decisions that we would not have made on our own if we would not have been influenced by someone else. As humans others' opinions mean a great deal to us, and in "Shooting an Elephant", Orwell shows how true this idea is by the tone of the story. "Shooting an Elephant" is the story of a British policeman in Moulmein, a city in Burma, that is torn between shooting or not shooting an elephant that has gone ramped. The native people did not like him much, but when the elephant went on its rampage they were quick to call on him. What seemed like is should have been an easy task for the officer to do was harder than he ever could have... VIEW DOCUMENT

Native American Art

844 words - 3 pages Art is a very realistic aspect among the Native Americans. In fact, what we call primitive art is actually symbolic objects from the process of a sacred ceremony. This concept is one not easily understood. Furthermore, this concept by Sam Gill is explained in Native American Religions. Sam Gill shows that Native American Art is different in meaning because of its contents then what modern societies consider art. Nonliterate people produce objects of beauty through ceremonial performances and rituals that keeps the cosmos in order, while modern societies over look these factors. More in depth, the entire concept of art and what is art differs in the world of the nonliterate societies. This... VIEW DOCUMENT

Intertextuality in Fumiko Enchi's "Masks"

1538 words - 6 pages In a million different situations a person hides behind a character. This character becomes known as personality to the people who witness it. Yet the character changes. At a party the character presents itself in one way, whereas in class there is a different character. These characters can be called masks and just as you change your appearance for one situation or another you can change your mask. This idea of masks is an American one, yet it plays into how we as American's read and interpret Enchi's novel, Masks.Just as our own thoughts of Masks plays into how we interpret the text there are many other aspects that play a part in revealing the plot, making connections, and... VIEW DOCUMENT

Reflection on Mask Unit

1280 words - 5 pages The second unit in the drama course at Jarvis is all about masks, how to make them and how to act in them. This unit is probably one of the most enjoyable units of drama because it combines hands on activities with drama. Masks are a very important piece of art in many plays and live shows. Using masks during a show enables the actor to become more than one character, and enhances their ability to act by letting them experience different personalities. Masks in the theatre are also used to express and reinforce the character and the story, create a distance between the actor on stage and the character of the story. Also, at times an actor may not be able to create a facial expression, in... VIEW DOCUMENT

Ancient Greek Drama

2839 words - 11 pages For other uses of "Greek Theatre", see Greek theatre (disambiguation).Theatre mask, 1st century BCThe theatre of Ancient Greece, or ancient Greek drama, is a theatrical culture that flourished in ancient Greece 700 BC. The VIEW DOCUMENT

The True Art of Ancient Greek Drama

2839 words - 11 pages For other uses of "Greek Theatre", see Greek theatre (disambiguation).Theatre mask, 1st century BCThe theatre of Ancient Greece, or ancient Greek drama, is a theatrical culture that flourished in ancient Greece 700 BC. The VIEW DOCUMENT

Ancient Greek Drama

2839 words - 11 pages For other uses of "Greek Theatre", see Greek theatre (disambiguation).Theatre mask, 1st century BCThe theatre of Ancient Greece, or ancient Greek drama, is a theatrical culture that flourished in ancient Greece 700 BC. The VIEW DOCUMENT

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

2487 words - 10 pages Imagine being semi-roused from sleep, gasping for air, adrenaline pumping through your body. Now imagine this happening 80 to 90 times per hour! While I rarely ever came fully awake, this was how I “slept” until a few months ago. I have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) a chronic condition in which the airway becomes blocked or restricted during sleep, causing the body to partially wake itself in order to resume breathing (American Academy of Sleep Medicine 3). Of course, this constant wake-sleep cycle does not lend itself to restful sleep, and left me tired no matter how long I slept. My life has changed now that my OSA has been diagnosed. Now when I go to bed I strap on a mask similar to those... VIEW DOCUMENT

A Terror Tale

1225 words - 5 pages The Cursed MaskThe Claremont High School was having its annual field trip and this year they were headed for the Museum of History. No one ever really enjoyed going to the boring Museum of History, except the science geeks (A/N no offense to anyone!!) and the teachers, although some did fall asleep on their feet.The Museum had gotten a new exhibition on Central American and African masks, and the students were scheduled to see it as well. Just as the group of students huddled around the first... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Tradition of the Chivo Mask

1385 words - 6 pages The Chivo mask is from Mexico, typically found in the state of Guerrero. The mask was first created and used in the village, Zitlala, after the Mexican Revolution. It is used for the ritual dance called “La Danza de los Chivos” or Dance of the Goats. However, the dance is now used in many other celebrations and festivities throughout other areas of Mexico, as well. The mask is part of the ceremony known as "the Dance of the Goats” or La Danza de los Chivos. The mask on masksoftheworld.com is from Chilpancingo, State of Guerrero, Mexico. However, the traditional Dance of the Goats began in Zitlala, State of Guerrero, Mexico. The villagers created the dance after the Mexican Revolution... VIEW DOCUMENT

Are You a Rebel? Or are You Just another Sheep following the Non-conformity Flock?

1741 words - 7 pages Are You a Rebel? Or are You Just another Sheep following the Non-conformity Flock? “It's like living on the outside of society and seeing what a crock of shit it is, but then approaching it again with a sense of humor. I mean, when you're able to see society as this sort of funky, funny illusion, it makes it easier to deal with it because there is no rhyme or reason to the way it works.” RuPaul, on fringe culture (Genre, March '99) Rebellion. *It's about articulating that little inner voice that's in all of us, the voice which resists being assimilated into the mass conformity that is American society. The quality of our interaction has diminished so much that we barely... VIEW DOCUMENT

Masks in The Catcher in the Rye

733 words - 3 pages Masks in The Catcher in the Rye              What happen if everyone in the world is wearing a mask? That is exactly what this world is;  everyone wears a mask.  Most people we see every day have their true identity hidden behind a facade.  Although a true identity cannot be divulge just by looking, but with a careful scrutiny of one's character will reveal to what is behind the facade. Equivalent to what happened in J.D. Salinger's novel The Catcher in the Rye.         Holden Caulfield, a typical teenager in the 50's with a morally loose, rude and obscene... VIEW DOCUMENT

Phoniness, The True Face And The False Face in "Cather in the Rye" by Salinger

635 words - 3 pages What happen if everyone in the world is wearing a mask?That is exactly what this world is; everyone wears a mask. Mostpeople we see every day have their true identity hidden behind afacade. Although a true identity cannot be divulge just by looking,but with a careful scrutiny of one's character will reveal to whatis behind the facade. Equivalent to what happened in J.D. Salinger'snovel The VIEW DOCUMENT

TCP/IP Subnetting

1044 words - 4 pages TCP/IP Subnetting The core components of TCP/IP are the IP address and the Subnet mask. The entire purpose of the Subnet Mask is to show the computer where to separate the IP Address into the Network ID and the Host ID. When read in Binary, a Subnet Mask will always be a string of 1's followed by a string of 0's. The 1's cover the Network ID while the 0's cover the Host ID. The IP Address is separated between the last 1 and the first 0. Network ID Host ID 10101010.01010101 11001100.11100011 = IP Address 11111111.11111111 00000000.00000000 = Subnet Mask TCP/IP addresses are made up of 4 sets of numbers called "Octets." Each octet is an 8 bit binary string. The largest possible... VIEW DOCUMENT

Confessions of a Mask by Yukio Mishima

4082 words - 16 pages Confessions of a mask is a famous and fascinating Japanese novel which is written by well-known author Yukio Mishima who is historical author. The narrated content of the Confessions of a mask talk about fundamentally the tale of a young boy whose name is Kochan who is implied author who grow up in World War II Japan. The... VIEW DOCUMENT

Art and Mythology.

747 words - 3 pages Art and MythologyMythology and art can be thought of as one. With out art we wouldn't know any mythology, or at least it would be very limited. With out mythology art would have been plain and boring. In fact many of the work of art's that you see at the museum in one way or another are connected to mythology. In the ancient times when people were illiterate, mythological stories were passed down the generations through word of mouth and art. There are many works of art that exemplify mythology in a literal or symbolic fashion. One specific kind of these works of art that caught my attention while at the Lowe Art... VIEW DOCUMENT

Social Media's Impact on Society

2315 words - 9 pages Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, what do they mutually have in common? They are all social media websites. Social Media has become the number one way to communicate with other people from around the world. It has been beneficial and helpful to many, on the contrary harmful to some. People use social networks to catch up with a childhood friend, endorse their business, or develop news faster. Other people use it to steal identities, cyberbully, and abuse others. It has stated that social media’s are “websites and other online means of communication that are used by large groups of people to share information and to develop social and professional contacts” (“social media.”)... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Burial mask of Tutankhamun Joshua McCoy It is about the Burial Mask of Tutankhamun.

597 words - 2 pages I chose the burial mask of Tutankhamun. This mask of Tutankhamun is an example of the highest artistic and technical achievements of the ancient Egyptians in the New Kingdom. Covering the head of the wrapped mummy in its coffin and activated by a magical spell, number 151b from the Book of the Dead, the mask ensured more protection for the king's body. The exact portrayal of the king's facial features achieved here made it possible for his soul to recognize him and return to his mummified body, thus ensuring his resurrection. The head is covered by the royal headdress and the forehead bears the emblems of kingship and protection: the vulture and uraeus, or cobra. The gold sheets used in... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Elephant Mask Costume and the Costume of Airowayoye

1152 words - 5 pages In Gallery 101 acquisition number 1999.76 at the Dayton Art Institute, you will find the Kuosi (Elephant Mask) Society Costume of the Bamileke people in Cameroon, Africa. Standing almost six feet tall (67 inches), the elephant mask costume was worn during Tso (elephant dance) by a secret society of warriors dedicated to protecting their king. Today the costume maintains order in the Bamileke society and reminds the king that he is not above the gods. The elephant mask costume is worn to display the king’s wealth at the Kuosi celebration. The costume is made of hair, fur, beads, ivory, feathers and twine which are rare, expressing the kings wealth and power (Dallas Museum of Art). The... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Mask Of Apollo - Review

940 words - 4 pages "The Mask of Apollo" revolves around the adventures of Nikeratos, a young actor who travels the countryside of ancient Greece and Sicily while performing in various plays. In one play, Kadmos by Sophokles the Younger, Nikeratos is required to wear an old mask of Apollo as part of his costume. The mask is fifty years old and is rumored to bring good luck. Nikeratos is impressed with the mask and comes to believe that it possesses special powers. He begins to make reverent gestures toward it as when he places a bay-sprig above it and sprinkles drops of wine on the floor in front of it. During one performance of the play a battle breaks out with a neighboring town. As the actors... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Sacred in Things Fall Apart and No Longer at Ease

2676 words - 11 pages      Chinua Achebe's works reveal the sustaining relevance of "the sacred" to his audience and invite his readers to consider the metamorphosis of sacred tropes from traditional to colonial times.  The mask in Achebe's novels Things Fall Apart and No Longer At Ease is one of a number of tropes which represent the shifting of the locus of "the sacred" from community to individual.  This trope, and others like it, reflects upon the way in which European influence has directed the social significance of spirituality through the process of colonization.  Through the examination of these tropes, one should develop a critical awareness of the relationship between the sacred and the... VIEW DOCUMENT

Life Behind the Veil in Du Bois' The Souls of Black Folk

2284 words - 9 pages Life Behind the Veil in Du Bois' The Souls of Black Folk Du Bois' metaphor of double consciousness and his theory of the Veil are the most inclusive explanation of the ever-present plight of modern African Americans ever produced. In his nineteenth century work, The Souls of Black Folks, Du Bois describes double consciousness as a "peculiar sensation. . . the sense of always looking at one's self through the eyes of others, of measuring one's soul by the tape of a world that looks on in amused contempt and pity" (Du Bois, 3). According to Du Bois assertions, the Black American exists in a consistent "twoness, - an American, a Negro"(3). Further, he theorizes, the African American lives... VIEW DOCUMENT

American Beauty

1392 words - 6 pages American Beauty There continues to be an everyday struggle for us American’s to find out true identities. There are so many people in our society who feel the necessity to be someone they are not, in order to fit in. Only if they had a mirror; then they could look and see the fear and insecurity in their eyes. There are some situations where putting on a act twenty-four hours a day is a bit too much. For many, the suburban life is the America dream. For others, however, it can turn into a twisted nightmare of unfulfilled desires. American Beauty, nonetheless, is a movie that gives the viewers backstage passes to see how the most perfect family, living in the flawless suburbs can really... VIEW DOCUMENT

We Wear The Mask Meaning Essay Examples

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A Comparison of the Masks In Cold Blood, Streetcar Named Desire, and Fences

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Peeking Behind the Masks In Cold Blood, Streetcar Named Desire, and Fences

In life, we all attempt to project some kind of personality to others. We have a mask we wear in different situations, but when times get tough, we eventually discard our masks and become our true selves. We don't live behind our masks until the tragic end, like the characters of In Cold Blood by Truman Capote, Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams, and Fences by August Wilson. The three characters, Perry Smith, Blanche DuBois, and Troy Maxson wore masks to their bitter endings, always trying to fool everyone else. When times got tough, they had to face themselves, and they could not stand the sight.

The characters of Blanche…show more content…

Harris states that DuBois "masks" her life. She doesn't want to face what she really is. The worst horror for her in her mind is for anyone else to see her true self.

The audience does see it almost right away, and they know from the first representation of DuBois that they are in for something else. Williams sets up DuBois' scenes so the audience can quickly ascertain her true personality. "The audience is, however, aware that baths and light bulbs have a meaning for Blanche apart from their functional existence" (Corrigan 575). Mary Ann Corrigan writes that DuBois is far from perfect, and the audience can see just that in her drinking of alcohol and her slight comments towards her sister and brother-in-law (575). Yet, the whole time she is hiding behind her mask, she tells everyone she only has a drink once in a while, and she needs her baths to relax.

The audience cannot mistake that Dubois does know who she really is, and what her situation holds for her. For this reason, she chooses to hide behind her mask of a southern belle, with her old dresses, rituals, and paper shaded light bulbs (Vogel 505).

Dan Vogel states in his book The Three Masks of American Tragedy,

She is beyond the capability of even attempting to control and manipulate the world about her. Obviously she recognizes truth, and the truth is that her life is compounded

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