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In today’s competitive environment, Innovation professionals are becoming in demand around the world. A globally recognized innovation certification shows employers that you have the knowledge, experience and innovation best practices to effectively contribute and manage innovation projects and systems inside an organization.


Part of that marketability comes from the prestige of our innovation certifications. Our GIMI credential is the only one designed specifically for innovation and globally recognized. Our global standards has created a clear and consistent pathway for innovation professionals around the world. Moreover, we have been working with universities, corporations, industry associations and governments to spread the adoption of the standards around the world.


Our certifications are not based on one specific industry or methodology. Our certifications are relevant worldwide, giving professionals the recognition and flexibility to use their knowledge, skills and competencies anywhere regardless of job responsibilities or career levels, and are transferable between companies, industries and geographic locations.


Distinguish yourself from others. Candidates certified by GIM Institute represent a unique cadre of trained innovators with the proven innovation ability to understand and manage innovation across and beyond the organization.




GIM Institute certified innovation professionals are able to successfully lead innovation efforts in ambiguous, uncertain and fast moving environments. Apply the tools and concepts you learned to find new growth opportunities in any function, business or industry. Moreover, we continually update and improve our content to ensure that our certifications reflect the current skills, knowledge and best practices you need to succeed, and stay current as the profession changes.


Our certifications entitles candidates access to the GIM Institute’s network of certified professionals around the world. Connect to and learn from certificate holders. Find new ways to solve innovation challenges or further your career.


DateProgramLocationDurationDelivered byRegistration
January 22-23GIMI Level 1 TrainingSan Jose, Costa Rica2 DaysIXL Center
February 5, 2017
IXL Innovation OlympicsGlobal8 WeeksIXL
February 15-16GIMI Level 1 TrainingBoston, USA2 DaysIXL Center
February 27-March 1GIMI Level 1 TrainingDubai, UAE4 DaysSIA Partners
April 3-4GIMI Level 1 TrainingPenang, Malaysia2
April 26-27GIMI Level 1 TrainingMiami, US2 DaysIXL Center
May 8-10GIMI Level 1 TrainingKuala Lampur, Malaysia2
May 25-27GIMI Level 3 TrainingMiami, US2 DaysIXL Center
September 4-6GIMI Level 1 TrainingPenang, Malaysia2
November 13-15GIMI Level 1 TrainingKuala Lampur, Malaysia2 DaysClarus

Delivered by ShiftIN Partners

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Delivered by IXL Center

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Delivered by Clarus Consulting

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Delivered by Winning 

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From thousands of candidates, we have selected and featured in alphabetical order the resumes of fifty certified innovation professionals worldwide who have demonstrated mastery on innovation based on the standards set by the GIM Institute. If you are interested in any of the certified individuals in this book, please contact them directly. Finally, we invite you to post job notices or by emailing us at

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