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Below is a list of weapons (with the appropriate stats) found in the main single player campaign of Resident Evil 4. The weapons used in Mercenaries, Assignment Ada and Separate Ways are not covered.


Leon starts with the Handgun, others must be bought from the Merchant. All handguns use 9mm Handgun ammo, found in red boxes (and sometimes as red-aura drops from slain enemies). Handgun ammo is stored 50 rounds per two spaces. With the exception of the Red9 and the Matilda, all pistols take up a 2x3 space in your inventory.


Firing speed
Reload speed
11.0 (0) (1-1)0.47 (0) (1-1)1.73 (0) (1-1)10 (0) (1-1)
21.2 (7,000) (1-2)0.40 (5,000) (1-2)1.47 (4,000) (1-2)13 (4,000) (1-2)
31.4 (10,000) (2-1)0.33 (12,000) (3-1)0.87 (10,000) (3-1)16 (6,000) (2-1)
41.6 (15,000) (3-1)N/AN/A19 (8,000) (3-1)
51.8 (18,000) (3-1:3)N/AN/A22 (10,000) (3-1:3)
62.0 (20,000) (4-1:2)N/AN/A25 (12,000) (4-1:2)

This is Leon's starting pistol. Weak power, but when given its exclusive upgrade will cause critical hits from headshots (Either instantly killing a human enemy, or destroying the head and bringing the Plaga within to near-death) five times as often. While it holds its own in the earliest sections of the game, it won't be long before bigger, bolder and all-round better guns start calling and this pea-shooter is sold and replaced. Nevertheless, players that prefer to keep flash grenades instead of selling them could benefit greatly from this handgun, due to the Exclusive upgrade multiplying the critical hit chance by 5. It's worth noting that regardless of the handgun you are equipped with, Leon will always be seen holding this gun in cutscenes where he is armed. May also increase chance of critical hits on suplexes when held.

Exclusive Effect: The chances of achieving a critical one-hit-kill is multiplied by five. (available at 4-3)


Firing speed
Reload speed
10.9 (0) (1-3:last)0.47 (0) (1-3:last)1.70 (0) (1-3:last)10 (0) (1-3:last)
21.1 (10,000) (1-3:last)0.40 (10,000) (1-3:last)1.47 (8,000) (1-3:last)13 (8,000) (1-3:last)
31.3 (15,000) (1-2:1)0.33 (20,000) (3-1:last)0.83 (18,000) (3-1:last)16 (10,000) (1-2:1)
41.5 (20,000) (3-1:last)N/AN/A20 (15,000) (3-1:last)
51.7 (25,000) (4-1:last)N/AN/A24 (18,000) (4-1:last)
61.9 (35,000) (4-3:1)N/AN/A28 (24,000) (4-3:1)

A pistol that is able to pierce through two enemies at once (Five with the Exclusive Upgrade). It is modeled after the FN Five-SeveN. Any handgun ammo saved by the piercing ability, however, tends to be negated by the lowered Firepower. It could be said that the gun's name may be a reference to the comic book anti-hero "The Punisher". A special objective in the main game both allows you to have the Punisher for free if the 10 blue medallions are found and shot (dotted around the farm and the church perimeter), while shooting all 15 before visiting the Merchant allows you to buy it with a free firepower upgrade (which, in this case, is a clear upgrade to the original unupgraded Handgun). You may buy this the first time you meet the Merchant.

This is also the gun Ada Wong uses in the Assignment Ada scenario.

Exclusive Effect: The ammo used can penetrate up to five enemies at once. (available at 4-4: last merchant for 40, 000)

Red 9[edit]

Firing speed
Reload speed
11.6 (0) (2-2:1)0.53 (0) (2-2:1)2.73 (0) (2-2:1)8 (0)
21.8 (15,000) (2-2:1)0.47 (10,000) (2-2:1)2.20 (6,000) (2-2:1)10 (6,000) (2-2:1)
32.0 (20,000) (3-1:1)0.40 (15,000) (3-1:3)1.67 (10,000) (3-1:3)12 (8,000) (2-2:1)
42.4 (24,000) (3-1:3)N/AN/A15 (12,000) (3-1:3)
52.8(28,000) (4-1:2)N/AN/A18 (16,000) (4-1:1)
63.7 (45,000) (4-4:last)N/AN/A22 (22,000) (4-4:last)

Modelled after the famous Mauser C-96, the Red9 is a large and, shot for shot, potentially the single highest firepower Pistol you may possess. The drawback to this is the smallest magazine capacity, slowest reload time, slowest refire rate, poor recoil, and a larger inventory footprint (2x4) than all other pistols. While a stock can be bought to negate the recoil, this increases the inventory footprint to 11 spaces (2x4 for the weapon, 1x3 for the stock). The Red9's firepower surpasses any low-level shotgun with a maximum power of 6.5 (with the exclusive upgrade). Some argue that the efficiency of ammo usage makes this a good weapon. Choose this gun if you like aiming over spraying. You may buy this weapon once you find Ashley, and the stock just before the rope bridge.

Exclusive effect: Firepower rises to 5.0 (6.5 in the PAL version) (available at 4-4:last merchant).


Firing speed
Reload speed
11.6 (0)0.47 (0)1.70 (0)15 (0)
21.8 (10,000)0.40 (10,000)1.47 (8,000)18 (8,000)
32.0 (15,000)0.27 (20,000)0.83 (15,000)21 (10,000)
42.3 (20,000)N/AN/A25 (15,000)
52.7 (25,000)N/AN/A30 (20,000)
63.2 (35,000)N/AN/A35 (25,000)

The last of the standard semi-auto handguns to appear, the Blacktail is the most well-rounded (and fastest non-burst firing when upgraded) pistol available. It has the same reload time as the Handgun, fires even faster, has roughly twice the Firepower, and a larger magazine capacity. However, it falls behind the Red9 in pure firepower, even after its Exclusive upgrade. You may buy this weapon once you enter the castle.

In the main game, Ada carries this pistol with her at all times (despite not using it in Assignment Ada).

Exclusive effect: Firepower rises to 3.4 (4.5 in the PAL version).

Matilda (unlockable)[edit]

Firing speed
Reload speed
11.0 (0)0.47 (0)1.73 (0)15 (0)
21.2 (15,000)N/A1.47 (6,000)18 (7,000)
31.4 (17,000)N/A0.87 (15,000)21 (10,000)
41.6 (20,000)N/AN/A24 (12,000)
51.8 (25,000)N/AN/A27 (16,000)
62.0 (35,000)N/AN/A30 (20,000)

The Matilda takes on the form of a HK VP70 with attached stock which is also the same gun that Leon used in Resident Evil 2 when you found upgrade parts for his handgun. It can be unlocked by beating the main game, purchasable immediately. It has somewhat average Firepower (on par with the regular Handgun), reloads quickly, and can belch out its bursts very rapidly in groups of three, meaning that your enemies can be felled in a third of the time. However, most players find that it really does nothing but eat up ammunition three times as fast. With its Exclusive upgrade, it gains a 100 round magazine. The Matilda occupies a 2x5 space (the largest for a pistol) in your inventory.

  • Initial cost: 70,000
  • Exclusive cost: 35,000
  • Exclusive effect: Capacity 100
  • Total upgrades cost: 233,000
  • Total + initial: 303,000
  • Maxed-out resale value: 152,000


Your shotgun is, in general, considered a crowd-clearing weapon. Even the weakest one has a penchant for being able to catch large groups in the blast radius of its shells. Note that, while the weapons are all hand-loaded weapons, the reload animation only has you loading two shells to get a full magazine. With the exclusion of the Striker, shotguns have a 8x2 inventory footprint. Shotguns use Shotgun shells, which use 2x1 spaces to hold 25 and in normal and pro each 2x1 holds 15 rounds. All shotguns can be bought from the Merchant.


Firing speed
Reload speed
14.0 (0)1.53 (0)3.03 (0)6 (0)
24.5 (15,000)N/A2.43 (7,000)8 (8,000)
35.0 (20,000)N/A1.50 (15,000)10 (10,000)
46.0 (25,000)N/AN/A12 (12,000)
57.0 (30,000)N/AN/A15 (15,000)
68.0 (45,000)N/AN/A18 (20,000)

The Shotgun is your basic shotgun, of course. Average attack power, good spread. Unfortunately, it tends to be slower than other weapons. Good for knocking ganados off their feet. The Exclusive upgrade for the Shotgun allows it to do full damage from any range. You can pick up a free shotgun off the wall of the trap house, in Chapter 1-1 - and you will need it, to fend off Dr Salvador.

Exclusive Effect: The shotgun will give the same amount of damage at any range of fire.

Riot gun[edit]

Firing speed
Reload speed
15.0 (0)1.53 (0)3.03 (0)7 (0)
25.5 (20,000)N/A2.43 (7,000)9 (10,000)
36.0 (24,000)N/A1.50 (20,000)11 (12,000)
46.5 (28,000)N/AN/A13 (15,000)
57.0 (32,000)N/AN/A15 (20,000)
68.0 (50,000)N/AN/A17 (25,000)

The Riot Gun is a very, very slight improvement over the regular Shotgun. Larger magazine capacity, same spread, slightly greater attack power (unless you fully upgrade both weapons, but then don't get the Exclusive upgrade on the Riot Gun). It has a unique trait in that it aims slightly faster than other weapons (this is what "easy to handle" means). You may buy the Riot Gun when you enter the Castle.

Exclusive effect: Firepower rises to 10.0.


Firing speed
Reload speed
16.0 (0)0.73 (0)3.00 (0)12 (0)
27.0 (25,000)N/A2.40 (8,000)14 (10,000)
38.0 (28,000)N/A1.50 (15,000)16 (12,000)
49.0 (32,000)N/AN/A20 (16,000)
510.0 (40,000)N/AN/A24 (18,000)
612.0 (60,000)N/AN/A28 (25,000)

A semi-automatic, drum-fed shotgun. The Striker is, in essence, the best of all worlds — highest attack power, highest fire rate, fastest reload, and a relatively massive magazine. The Exclusive upgrade for this weapon is a 100 round magazine — perfect for those huge crowds. The striker has a 5x2 inventory footprint. You may buy the Striker from the merchant at the bottom of the spike trap.

Exclusive Effect: Increases Capacity to 100 (in all versions).


Your Magnum is, to be blunt, your heavy hitter. Even chainsaw ganados will drop within three rounds of a high-level Magnum. Magnum ammo comes in boxes of 10, and both Magnum pistols take up 4x2 spaces of inventory.

Broken Butterfly[edit]

Firing speed
Reload speed
113.0 (0)0.70 (0)3.67 (0)6 (0)
215.0 (25,000)N/A3.00 (15,000)8 (15,000)
317.0 (30,000)N/A2.33 (20,000)10 (20,000)
420.0 (35,000)N/AN/A12 (25,000)
524.0 (50,000)N/AN/AN/A
628.0 (70,000)N/AN/AN/A

This .45 calibre revolver-style Magnum is the second most powerful ammo-based weapon in the game. Its Exclusive upgrade makes its Firepower skyrocket (50.0). Unfortunately, the price for this is a slow reload even at maximum level, needing to pay for Exclusive upgrades in order to make it more effective than the Killer7, and the highest magazine size possible being 12 rounds. This is generally not a concern, as ammo is scarce, and thus most players will reload the gun at their earliest convenience when they find magnum ammo. Great weapon for bosses when maxed out. You may buy the Broken Butterfly as soon as you enter the Castle, or you can get one for free after reuniting with Ashley by backtracking to a locked door before the maze area, next to the fountain.

  • Initial cost: 38,000
  • Exclusive cost: 150,000
  • Exclusive effect: Firepower becomes 50
  • Total cost: 455,000
  • Total + initial: 493,000

Killer 7[edit]

Firing speed
Reload speed
125.0 (0)0.70 (0)1.83 (0)7 (0)
230.0 (62,000)N/A1.53 (20,000)10 (30,000)
335.0 (78,000)N/A0.93 (30,000)14 (40,000)

The Killer 7 is the second of the magnums - a 1911-style automatic with an attached laser sight. The gun itself is a reference to another Capcom game called Killer7. It has no Exclusive upgrade, and its firepower is weaker than a fully upgraded Broken Butterfly, but it sports a faster firing speed, a faster reload speed, a larger capacity, and reduced recoil. While you will need to fire more shots to take something down with it, it is a very cost effective weapon. You may buy the Killer7 at the first Merchant on the Island.

  • Initial cost: 77,700
  • Exclusive cost: N/A
  • Exclusive effect: N/A (Exclusive is not available for this weapon)
  • Total cost: 260,000
  • Total + initial: 337,700

Handcannon (unlockable)[edit]

Firing speed
Reload speed
130.0 (0)1.17 (0)3.67 (0)3 (0)
235.0 (40,000)N/A2.87 (25,000)4 (15,000)
340.0 (50,000)N/A1.83 (50,000)5 (20,000)
445.0 (70,000)N/AN/A6 (25,000)
550.0 (90,000)N/AN/A8 (35,000)
660.0 (120,000)N/AN/A10 (50,000)

Unlocked after beating the Mercenaries minigame with all unlocked characters on all 4 stages with 5 stars on every level. While it is an astoundingly powerful weapon (even when not upgraded), it has the annoying disadvantage of requiring .50 caliber ammo, which never appears within the main game - this means you must find it via enemy drops, or Random Item barrels. After upgrading it all the way to exclusive, this weapon gains the advantage of unlimited ammo. The Exclusive Upgrade also gives the Handcannon 99.9 firepower.

  • Initial cost: Free!
  • Exclusive cost: 200,000
  • Exclusive effect: Unlimited ammo and firepower 99.9
  • Total cost: 790,000


These weapons possess a unique advantage over the other weapons - a zoom-able scope. The primary use for the rifles is long-range precision shooting. With a little practice, you can take out targets from great distances. The rifles possess two drawbacks, however. When aiming, you have a very, very small field of view, and the firing speed can, at times (especially with the bolt-action) be somewhat glacial. All rifles, and their unique scopes, must be purchased from the Merchant. Both scopes occupy a 1x3 footprint in your attache case. Rifle boxes hold a maximum of 10 rounds, and, like all other ammunition, take up 1x2 spaces in your inventory.

Bolt-Action Rifle[edit]

Firing speed
Reload speed
14.0 (0) (1-2:1)2.73 (0) (1-2:1)4.00 (0) (1-2:1)5 (0) (1-2:1)
25.0 (10,000) (1-2:1)N/A3.23 (8,000) (1-2:1)7 (6,000) (1-2:1)
36.0 (12,000) (3-1:1)N/A2.33 (18,000)9 (8,000) (3-1:1)
48.0 (20,000)N/AN/A12 (12,000)
510.0 (25,000)N/AN/A15 (18,000)
612.0 (35,000)N/AN/A18 (25,000)

The Bolt-Action Rifle is the weapon for those who value power over any other statistic. Reload? Slow, especially if your magazine is not empty. The bolt-action will have you needing to re-aim after every shot, as you will lift your eye away from the scope to manually work the bolt and chamber the next round. Magazine size starts at 5, and remains smaller than the semi-auto. In exchange for this, an Exclusive Bolt-Action will do as much damage as an unupgraded Handcannon. Thus, the Bolt-Action Rifle is often referred to as the "Poor Man's Magnum". The Bolt-Action Rifle and its scope may be bought from the Merchant from your first visit. The Bolt-Action rifle occupies a 9x1 space in your inventory.

Exclusive effect: Firepower rises to 30.0 (18.0 in American and Japanese Gamecube versions).

Semi-automatic rifle[edit]

Firing speed
Reload speed
17.0 (0) (3-1:1)1.83 (0) (3-1:1)2.33 (0) (3-1:1)10 (0) (3-1:1)
28.0 (15,000)N/A1.90 (9,000)12 (10,000)
39.0 (18,000)N/A1.33 (18,000)14 (12,000)
411.0 (24,000)N/AN/A17 (15,000)
513.0 (30,000)N/AN/A20 (20,000)
615.0 (40,000)N/AN/A24 (25,000)

The Semi-Automatic Rifle is the Bolt-Action Rifle's hyperactive brother. A high firing speed, a faster reload, no need to work the bolt, and a magazine size starting at 10 rounds. Players playing the Gamecube version will most likely want to use this rifle over the Bolt-Action, but players on other platforms will want to consider the choice carefully. You may buy this weapon and its scope once you reach the Castle. The Semi-Automatic Rifle has a 7x2 inventory footprint.

Exclusive effect: Firing speed drops to 0.80 (Wii/PS2/PS3/XBOX 360) or 0.40 (GameCube).

Infrared scope[edit]

You will find this in the Freezer on the Island. This can be attached to either rifle, and casts the world in an infrared light when you aim. You may zoom, while this is in use, though it is not as effective as the buyable specialized scopes in this regard. While you can, if you're willing to burn lots of ammunition, kill Regeneradors without it, adding this to your rifle allows you to see the parasites on the Regeneradors' bodies, allowing you to conserve ammunition. Like the other scopes, the Infrared Scope occupies a 3x1 inventory footprint.

Other weapons[edit]

These special weapons include both unlockable weapons and weapons that do not fit into any other category.

Combat knife[edit]

Never discount the knife. It is always instantly available, and does okay damage, for a weapon with infinite ammo. By knocking down an enemy, then slashing them, it is possible to save a fair amount of ammo, and you will find your knife has applications even in boss fights.

The Knife is also different for the Characters it represents:

Leon's and Ada's Knife are exactly the same in performance but they look different. Leon's Knife looks similar to that of the Survival Knife in Resident Evil: Rebirth, while Ada's looks similar to a Switch blade or a butterfly knife.

Krauser in the Mercenaries sports a bigger knife with more power and damage but is restricted to the Mercenaries mode only.


Firing speed
Reload speed
10.4 (0) (1-2:1)0.10 (0) (1-2:1)2.37 (0) (1-2:1)30 (0) (1-2:1)
20.5 (7,000)N/A1.93 (5,000)50 (7,000) (1-3:1)
30.6 (14,000)N/A1.17 (15,000)100 (15,000) (2-1:2)
40.8 (18,000)N/AN/A150 (20,000)
51.0 (24,000)N/AN/A200 (25,000)
61.2 (35,000)N/AN/A250 (35,000)

The TMP (Tactical Machine Pistol) is a submachine gun based off of the Steyr TMP. It uses special 9mm ammunition (100 to a box). It occupies a 2x3 footprint in your inventory, and also has an optional stock (2x2 footprint). If you choose to use the TMP, the stock is highly recommended, as it turns a highly inaccurate weapon into a fairly precise stream of bullets. You may buy the TMP from the Merchant on your first meeting. You may buy the stock from the Merchant on your second meeting.

Exclusive effect: Firepower rises to 1.8.

Chicago Typewriter (unlockable)[edit]

Firing speed
Reload speed
110.0 (0)0.10 (0)1.63 (0)Infinite (0)

The Chicago Typewriter is a weapon that does 10 firepower worth of damage per round, and is a fully automatic, devastating weapon with unlimited ammunition. Strangely, you are still able to reload the gun, but are not required to do so (although doing so while using Leon's mafia outfit causes an amusing little animation).

It costs 1,000,000 Pesetas from the merchant and has a 3x7 inventory footprint.

How to unlock

The ability to buy it is unlocked on completion of Assignment Ada (GameCube/PC/Wii) and/or Separate Ways (PC/PS2/Wii). If you unlock it for the main game, it can only be purchased during a new game plus (based on a cleared game save). Unlocking specifics:

  • GameCube: complete Assignment Ada.
  • PC: complete Separate Ways to unlock it in the main game. Complete Assignment Ada to unlock it in Separate Ways.
  • PS2: complete Separate Ways to unlock it in the main game. Complete Assignment Ada to unlock it in Separate Ways.
  • Wii: complete Separate Ways to unlock it in the main game. Complete Assignment Ada to unlock it in Separate Ways.

Rocket Launcher/Infinite Launcher/Special Launcher[edit]

Rocket LauncherFirepowerFiring SpeedReload SpeedCapacityPrice

The Rocket Launcher is a single-use weapon that devastates anything it hits. It costs 30,000 Pesetas to buy from the Merchant (You do find one in the Castle, however.) No statistics are given for any of the launchers and thus are not available within the table. Please note that the damage of the rocket launchers is actually a percentage, ranging from an unknown minimum to 100% damage on some enemies and bosses when hit dead on. After using it once, Leon will automatically throw it away, and you will need to enter your inventory to choose a new weapon. All rocket launchers are equipped with zoom scopes. They devour 8x2 spaces in your inventory.

Ada throws you the Special Launcher during your battle with Saddler. When you are given this weapon, using it on Saddler will earn you a one shot kill - however hitting him can sometimes be difficult. You can also beat Saddler without this weapon and use it elsewhere in the game. Some players recommend saving the special launcher and selling it when a new game is started from that data, as it is worth more than the regular rocket launcher.

The Infinite Launcher is, in essence, a rocket launcher that automatically reloads after every shot without any animation on your part. Leon draws this quicker than the regular launcher, as well. No statistics are given, and thus the exact reload speed and firing speed are unknown. After your first play-through, you may buy it from the Merchant for 1 million Pesetas.


There are three types of grenades. All grenades take up a 2x1 space in your inventory. None are for sale so use them wisely.

Flash Grenade
Sell: 500 PTAS
These create a flash of bright light. Stuns or blinds enemies. Does little damage on its own but you can use the delay to make an escape or use melee attacks. Instantly kills exposed parasites
Incendiary Grenade
Sell: 1000 PTAS
These set an area on fire. Does moderate damage and distracts enemies while they frantically try to put the fire out.
Hand Grenade
Sell: 2000 PTAS
These are your stereotypical fragmentation grenades. They kill, or at least severely wound all enemies within the area of effect.


Firing Speed
Reload Speed
12.0 (0)1.33 (0)3.43 (0)5 (0)
24.0 (25,000)N/A2.57 (18,000)7 (25,000)
36.0 (45,000)N/AN/A10 (40,000)

This weapon fires Mine-Darts at enemies which detonate after a short period of time. You may purchase a scope for this weapon, which gives it increased accuracy and a first-person zoom view. A large number of players despise this weapon, citing its low fire rate, large inventory footprint, lack of usefulness without a scope, and the relative scarcity of its ammunition. While it is true that the Minethrower has a low fire rate and large footprint, it does not require the scope to be of any use, and the scope can even get in the way, and its ammunition is not as scarce as stated, due to how it drops. If the player has a total of 8 or fewer darts, in the Mine Thrower and the inventory, there is a chance to drop more darts until the number of darts the player has in total is 9 or greater, at which point the game refuses to drop more. It is worth noting that the firepower stat does not actually measure firepower, but rather the blast radius of the darts. The actual firepower is on-par with that of a Hand Grenade. Used in the hands of a knowledgeable individual, the Minethrower can be a devastating weapon.

  • Initial cost: 28,000 (9,800 in the PAL version)
  • Scope cost: 8,000
  • Exclusive cost: 30,000
  • Exclusive effect: Homing darts and blast radius increase
  • Total upgrade cost: 183,000
  • Total + initial + scope: 219,000

P.R.L. 412 (PS2, Wii, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC versions)[edit]

This weapon is unlocked once you have completed the game on Professional. The Plaga Removal Laser, Model 412 is a condensed, weaponized version of the larger mechanism used to kill the Plagas inside Leon and Ashley near the game's climax. It uses a concentrated burst of radiated light energy to exterminate Plaga parasites, thereby killing their hosts from the inside out.

A weak or uncharged shot acts as a flash-bang grenade that does a moderate amount of damage to enemies in front of the weapon. A fully charged shot will automatically fire at any enemy or breakable object in view, and will kill all enemies (and most bosses) in one shot. This weapon is free upon completion of Professional in any file that has completed the game. It occupies 3x7 spaces in your inventory.

This weapon was initially added as exclusive content for the PlayStation 2 version, but later appeared in the PC and Wii versions. The main weakness of the P.R.L. 412 is that it only has an effect on enemies directly in front of it, and accuracy tends to suffer, though it is possible to eliminate multiple enemies in one shot if they are all gathered along the beam's path at once. However, in later issues of the game (particularly the PS3 re-release version), the P.R.L. 412's Exclusive upgrade allows it to fire a "scatter blast" upon a complete charge, which discharges multiple beams in one shot that instantly key in to objects and enemies, destroying them easily at any distance with less of a need for perfect aim.

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Jack Krauser: What is it that you fight for, comrade?
Leon S. Kennedy: My past, I suppose...
Ahh, I'll buy a Description of Resident Evil 4 Here at a high price!Resident Evil 4 is the sixth main game in the Resident Evil franchise, originally released for the Nintendo GameCube in 2005. After the release of three numbered games on the PlayStation and Code: Veronica on the Dreamcast, producer Shinji Mikami made the controversial decision to bring the mainline series of games exclusively to the GameCube rather than the PlayStation 2 in spite of previous expectations.note A previous version of RE4 was announced for the PS2 shortly after the release of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, but this project ended up being revamped into an original work titled Devil May Cry.Resident Evil 4 was announced in 2001 alongside a remake of the original Resident Evil and the prequel Resident Evil 0, forming a loose trilogy of sort (ports of the previous sequels were also released to help new fans familiarize themselves with the series).RE4 languished a few years in development hell, however, as a result of changes to the game's premise and staff; Mikami's role also changed from producer to director. RE4 was finally released four years after the initial announcement, taking the series to a radically new direction. The pre-rendered backgrounds and fixed camera angles of previous entries were replaced with an over-the-shoulder view that follows the player character around in a fully 3D environment. The shooting and inventory system were also revamped from the previous games and the storyline featured minimal ties to the previous games so Capcom could mark a new chapter in the franchise's storyline.Six years after Raccoon City's destruction, the Umbrella Corporation is bankrupt and Leon S. Kennedy is now working for the government. It has been decided that Leon's a bad enough dude to rescue the President's daughter from a cult operating out of a rural European village. Leon soon discovers that the cultists are infected by an ancient parasite that's not much better than the T-virus, and since this is a Resident Evil game, he has much bigger problems than another missing girl — three-stories-tall problems, in fact.Originally announced and released as a GameCube-exclusive, a PlayStation 2 port was released several months later, which features additional content, including a new scenario starring Ada Wong that focuses on the events of the main story from her perspective. Nintendo players later received a more definite version of game when it was released for the Wii in 2007; Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition features both the superior graphics of the GameCube version and the new content found in the PlayStation 2 port. Capcom also released a PC port in 2007, an HD Edition for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2011, and an Ultimate HD Edition for PC (via Steam) in 2014. In 2016, the game was ported to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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  • Absurdly Spacious Sewer: The Novistador-infested waterway beneath Ramon Salazar's castle. It was actually converted into a dungeon because of this.
  • Accidental Pervert: If Leon tries to look up Ashley's skirt, she will try to cover herself, and call him a pervert. This happens whether the player intentionally looked up her skirt, or if an enemy knocks Leon onto his back, and his head goes under her skirt. Or even if he's decapitated and his head lands eyes-up under her skirt.
  • Achievement Mockery: The HD remaster has "Don't Shoot The Water", awarded for provoking Del Lago into swallowing Leon whole, which is done by shooting into the lake.
  • Achilles' Heel:
    • Jack Krauser's is the knife. Testing has shown that the knife normally does around .6 damage (an un-upgraded handgun does 1 damage) and that Krauser has 900 health. How many hits from the knife does it take to kill him? At most, a dozen. In other words, the knife's damage was deliberately and massively buffed in the fight with Krauser to around 60 damage. Furthermore, one of his attacks has him running at you, pausing, then executing a knifehand attack. If you pull out your knife and slash, it's already at his head level and stops his attack easily. This is a clear example of Gameplay and Story Integration, as a way to make a "knife-fight rematch" a valid way to beat him.
    • The Plagas that emerge from the Ganados' heads can be destroyed with flash grenades.
  • Actionized Sequel: RE4 allows you to kick entire crowds of stunned enemies, Leon's knife is far more effective than in past games, and there's more ammo to be found than in the first three titles combined.
  • Action Bomb: Dynamite Ganados will blow you up along with themselves if they grab you and aren't shaken off in time. There's also the small self-destructing robotic drones during Leon's fight with Krauser that act like land mines until you approach one and start charging into him.
  • Affectionate Parody:
  • A.K.A.-47: Most, but not all weapons; the Striker is an exception, so is the TMP. The "Chicago Typewriter" is a common nickname for a Thompson submachine gun, as is the Red 9 for the Mauser C96.note There was a 9x19mm version of the Mauser C96 with a big red "9" engraved into the grip, called the "Red-9". You can actually see that nine on the model.
  • Always Over the Shoulder: The game pioneered the over-the-shoulder perspective now used in nearly all Third-Person Shooter games.
  • America Saves the Day: Lampshaded by Saddler, then played straight when Leon kicks his ass all over the place.
  • Anachronism Stew:
    • Much of the area you travel through looks like it's trapped in the middle ages, in particular the village and the castle, the occasional car or gatling gun turret notwithstanding.
    • At the beginning of the game, you find what is obviously an older shotgun which comes with a modern laser sight.
    • Weirdly out of place is the doorway out of the village that leads to the castle; it's an advanced retinal scanner like the kind found in banks, secure buildings and other high-tech facilities.
  • And Then John Was a Zombie: Saddler and all three of his subordinates (Mendez, Salazar, and Krauser) have Plagas implanted within themselves. Leon and Ashley have the Plagas within themselves as well and most of the game revolves around trying to find the cure before the parasites take over their free will.
  • And Your Reward Is Clothes:
    • The original GameCube version has Leon's RPD outfit from RE2 and a pop star-esque outfit for Ashley.
    • The later ports added a gangster suit for Leon, complete with a Tommy gun version of the Chicago Typewriter, and a suit of medieval armor for Ashley that actually affects the game by making her invulnerable to bullets and unable to be carried off (and gives Leon a mild backache when he grabs her after a jump).
    • Ada wears three different outfits: her main Chinese dress outfit, a black spy-suit in "Assignment Ada" and an updated version of her red dress from RE2 in "The Mercenaries". Her main outfit wasn't usable by the player until the "Separate Ways" scenario was added in later versions.
    • The Wii Edition allows the player to use Leon and Ada's other outfits in Mercenaries mode.
  • Androcles' Lion: If you free the dog from the bear trap, it helps you in the first El Gigante fight by barking at it to divert its attention away from you.
  • Animated Armour: Once you reach the castle, be on the lookout for seemingly inanimate suits of armor.
  • Anti-Frustration Features:
    • The game will change enemy health based on how much you die and the ammo drop rate based on how much you use of what types.
    • Ashley's sequence. Normally, you need to hit the enemies in the first room with three lamps to kill them. There are two of them in the room and only six lamps, and they run fast enough to potentially dodge them when you throw them. Die enough times, however, and they stop running and will only take two hits to kill.
    • The ink ribbon system has been removed. As a result, the player has unlimited saves.
  • Anti Regeneration: The quickest way to kill Regenerators and Iron Maidens is if Leon uses a special scope on his rifle to aim and shoot at where the Las Plagas are located inside their bodies. Otherwise, you will be shooting them for a long time.
  • Anti-Villain: Krauser is retroactively implied to be this given the events of The Darkside Chronicles. Also, in the game itself, he himself states that he took the President's daughter to get himself close enough to the Los Illuminados cult to gain the Queen Plagas, which implies that he'll interfere with the Queen Plagas injection into Ashley, although whether that means he'll return the president's daughter to her father without risk of a Plagas outbreak or whether he'll kill her is never specified.
  • The Anticipator:
    • Saddler tends to wait to confront Leon sometimes.
    • A notable, and humorous, occurrence of this is when Salazar is waiting for Leon and Ashley on a balcony, where they have this exchange:
      Salazar: Me llamo Ramón Salazar, the eighth Castellan of this magnificent architecture. I have been honored with the prodigious power from the great Lord Saddler. I've been expecting you, my brethren.
  • Arbitrary Gun Power: Seven shots to the head (with a handgun) can't kill the Ganados on Professional.
  • Arm Cannon: Second type for Leon with the Mine Thrower and the P.R.L. 412.
  • Arms Dealer: Naturally, the Merchant.
  • Aside Glance: Leon's description of the Special Rocket Launcher acknowledges it's a "perfect weapon to exterminate the boss."
  • As You Know: During the car ride in the opening cutscene:
    Leon: Anyway, you know what this is all about. My assignment is to search for the president's missing daughter.
  • The Atoner: Luis Sera used to work for Saddler.
  • Attack Drone: The boss fight against Krauser has him using some spider-like drones that are rigged to explode, as well as a few flying models armed with machine guns.
  • Attack Its Weak Point:
    • The Regenerators and Iron Maidens can die when certain spots on their bodies are shot (and need the infrared scope to see). They will die from regular damage, it just takes a lot (from hundreds of bullets to using up a rocket launcher), so until you get one of the super weapons in a new game, hitting the weak points is the best option.
    • In the Salazar and Saddler boss fights, the eyes are not so much the weak points as the switches that reveal the weak points.
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever:
    • Del Lago is a huge mutant salamander.
    • The Gigantes are mammoth humanoids.
  • Awesome, but Impractical:
    • The Mine Thrower. Awesome firepower with a tracking upgrade, but typically not worth the inventory space. This is made worse by the fact that ammo for it tends to be rarer than Magnum ammo (even with ammo drops increasing with use). It's also quite easy to kill yourself with it, if you're careless.
    • The killer7 magnum. Its rival, the Broken Butterfly, has more power (a whopping 50.0), a badass reloading animation, and it can be found mid-game for free. The Killer7 holds two more bullets and has a faster reload. It's also only available in the end game, has no exclusive upgrade, and the Broken Butterfly surpasses it most of the time anyway because its upgrades are available earlier on.
    • The Large Bass. It's easy to find in the village's well and lake, is practically free and restores life completely. However, it's huge (you could store six First Aid Sprays or twelve Golden Eggs in the same space) and doesn't even sell too well (only 2,300 pesetas, slightly more than a hand grenade). Though it's good to catch one and heal up on the go after fighting Del Lago in order to save herbs and sprays.
    • The Matilda burst fire pistol. Looks cool, but pretty much all of the normal handguns use bullets more efficiently and take less space. It's also a New Game+ weapon, meaning you've unlocked the Infinity+1 Guns already.
    • The Punisher's exclusive upgrades. Punisher's exclusive of piercing up to five enemies is mostly useless, since if you're faced with a group that large, you'll likely be wanting to use something more powerful and with spread such as a Shotgun. It is also far too weak for the mid to late game, even fully upgraded, which is why the Red9 and Blacktail see more use.
  • Back from the Dead:
  • Badass Normal: Leon, several times over. He was previously seen as a police officer on his first day, barely surviving an encounter with zombies and other horrors, but even then he was shown to have a lot of raw talent to survive the events of that game. Now, after extensive training, he's assigned to protect the President and his family. And then there's the events of the game, where he heads over to Europe to simply investigate the whereabouts of the President's daughter, completely unaware and unprepared for the hordes of freaks and monsters he's heading straight into. And guess what? He comes out on top.
  • Balance Buff: When the game was released in PAL territories, it lowered things like ammo crops, but upgraded a number of weapons. These changes were applied to all further re-releases:
    • The fully upgraded bolt-action rifle does 30 damage instead of 18.
    • The fully upgraded Red9 does 6.5 damage instead of 5.
    • The fully upgraded Blacktail does 4.5 damage instead of 3.4
  • Bare Your Midriff: Ashley's popstar outfit and Ada's tactical outfit.
  • Big Damn Heroes:
  • Bilingual Bonus:
    • The first Ganado Leon meets in-game threatens him with: "¿Qué carajo haces aquí? ¡Lárgate, cabrón!" ("What the fuck are you doing here?! Get out, asshole!")
    • For the most part, the Ganados' Spanish consists of curse words and threats, but sneak attacks from behind will always, alwaysbe announced with "¡Detrás de ti, imbécil!" ("Behind you, imbecile!") in both the village and island levels (Zealots in the castle just chuckle evilly), giving the player ample time to pull a 180 and open fire.
    • The Plagas monsters have appropriate Spanish names as well, and plaga itself means "pest" or "plague". The standard plaga-infected humans are Ganados ("beasts" or "livestock"), the giant humanoids are El Gigante (literally "the giant"), the mutated salamander in the lake is Del Lago ("from the lake"), the near-invisible sewer bugs are Novistadors (portmanteau of "No Vista," which roughly translates to "no sight"), the mutated wolves are Colmillos ("fangs"), and so on.
  • Black Comedy: Upon discovering a woman nailed to the wall by way of a pitchfork through the face:
    Leon: Guess there's no sex discrimination here...
  • Blatant Item Placement: All the ammo and weapons just lying around.
  • *Bleep*-dammit!: In the conversation that occurs after Saddler has his rocket launcher-wielding minion shoot Mike down, Leon shouts "Saddler, you bastard!" However, the text version simply says "Saddler you..."
  • Blood from the Mouth: The first sign of a Plaga infestee.
  • Body Horror: It's a Resident Evil game, so par for the course.
  • Bonus Boss: With good equipment, strategy, and luck, it is actually possible to kill the Verdugo that Salazar sends after you. Thank God for those nitrogen canisters. It's actually necessary to kill him to collect the other jewel for the crown you might have collected earlier.
  • Bonus Feature Failure: Because of the PS2 and original PC versions' use of pre-rendered cutscenes, as opposed to in-engine cutscenes as the GameCube and subsequent releases used, Ada appearing in her "Assignment Ada" tactical outfit during the main game when the R.P.D./"pop starlet" costumes for Leon and Ashley are chosen doesn't occur (since all the cutscenes were rendered from a primary costume playthrough).
  • Boom, Headshot: A quick way to kill the Las Plagas-infected humans. Contrary to popular belief, doing this does not increase the odds of a Plaga emerging.
  • Boring, but Practical: The knife and the pistols (Handgun, Punisher, Red9, Blacktail). It might not be impressive to play using those weapons 90% of the time, but it's much more likely to lead you to success than using your flashy weapons all the time.
  • Borrowed Biometric Bypass: Leon manages to escape the village by killing Chief Mendez and then taking his false eye, which he uses to bypass a retinal scanner at the village exit. If the player examines the eye, there's actually an encryption on the eye, which is what the scanner reads.
  • Boss Arena Recovery: Played straight for the whole game, but a particular mention goes to fighting Salazar. There's crates in quite a few places, and going to the bottom level, there are infinitely spawning spider Plagas. They randomly drop ammo for whatever weapons you have.
  • Bottomless Magazines: The Chicago Typewriter, the fully upgraded Handcannon (though you can still get a reload animation with these two), the Infinite Launcher, and the P.L.R. 412.
  • Brain Food: One things the Zealots do say, among other things, is "Cerebros, cerebros, cerebros" ("Brains, brains, brains").
  • Break Them by Talking: Salazar hijacks Leon's communications line in order to demoralize him and cut him off from the rest of the world. Leon uses the opportunity to make fun of Salazar until he snaps.
  • But Thou Must!: Trying to go back the way you came in at the start of the game triggers a short cutscene of one of the policemen with you saying "Not that way, cowboy."
  • Buxom Is Better: "I see the President has equipped his daughter with... ballistics."
  • Cable-Car Action Sequence:
    • Mendez has a group of Ganados ambush Leon and Ashley on a ski lift.
    • The mine cart sequence in Chapter 4-3.
  • The Cameo: In one of the castle rooms, you can find some fire-spitting statues of dragons. They are almost identical (if not the same) to the weapon Ifrit from the first Devil May Cry game.
  • Camping a Crapper: An optional enemy can be found in the bathroom on the lower level of the village chief's house.
  • The Casanova: Leon and especially Luis like to fancy themselves this. Leon is well-aware of the fact that it'll never work for him.
  • Chainsaw Good: Dr. Salvador, the Bella Sisters, and Super-Salvador all carry chainsaws that are a One-Hit Kill against Leon.
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: Borderline case. Leon pulls off several acrobatic moves, which range from very possible to nearly impossible (the laser room and end of the mine cart sequence).
  • Childless Dystopia: The village of people who've been turned into People Puppetmooks; notes explain that the children were unable to survive being implanted with a Puppeteer Parasite.
  • Chunky Salsa Rule: There are many, many things which cause instant death, no matter how much 'life' you have, such as Dr. Salvador, Lava Coated El Gigante, Del Lago, etc.
  • Co-Dragons: Mendez, Salazar, and Krauser to Saddler (although Krauser is actually a double agent). Salazar himself has his two Verdugos.
  • Combat Tentacles: The Colmillos, "scythe heads", and Saddler's tentacles.
  • Compensating for Something: In Separate Ways, Ada implies that Krauser is compensating for something because of his freaky mutant arm.
  • Continuity Nod: For Resident Evil 2. The gun Matilda is apparently the name of HUNK's favorite handgun. You could also upgrade Leon's standard handgun to the Matilda. There's also the final sequence where Ada tosses down a rocket launcher to Leon to kill the Final Boss, just like she did for him in Resident Evil 2.
  • Convection Schmonvection: Late in the game, Leon has to fight two El Gigantes in a small enclosed cavern where the entire floor consists of grating with lava about half a meter below it. Naturally, the heat doesn't bother anybody as long as you do not actually fall into the lava.
  • Cool Chair: Saddler's chair near the end of the game. The player can actually sit down in the chair. However, if they do, the text will tell them that "there's no time for resting."
  • Cool Guns: With special exclusive maximum upgrades:
    • An FN Five-seveN that can shoot through five enemies.
    • A Mauser C96 which can do three times the damage of the fully upgraded basic handgun.
    • A Colt SAA/Schofield hybrid revolver with the power of an S&W 500.
    • The Armsel Striker, which is the only weapon in the game to avert A.K.A.-47. Upgraded to its Exclusive upgrade, it can hold 100 shells.
    • A Thompson SMG with infinite ammo.
    • A Rocket Launcher with infinite ammo.
    • And for Ada in Seperate Ways, a bowgun that shoots exploding arrows.
  • Crazy-Prepared: Leon goes to the Spanish village only to investigate and ask questions, yet he brought along a pistol, knife, attache case, flashlight, radio, binoculars, a tracking device, and a grappling hook. If playing on Easy, he'll be toting a shotgun as well. Of course, he was investigating a group that had kidnapped the President's daughter, so he had pretty good reason to expect trouble.
  • Creative Closing Credits: The closing credits depict the fall of Pueblo, showing how Las Plagas infected the villagers.
  • Credits Gag: The end of the credits state that the copyright on the game is protected by the RPD and appropriate S.T.A.R.S. members will prosecute you if you break it.
  • Critical Existence Failure: Averted; as you take damage, Leon will start to limp and hold his stomach.
  • Critical Hit: Occasionally, a headshot will cause the enemy's head to explode in one hit. This isn't necessarily a good thing.
  • Crossover: With Haunting Ground. The dog you save from the bear trap? It's Hewie. Makes some sense, as the games appear to be in the same part of the world.
  • Cute as a Bouncing Betty: Leon has access to a magnum called the Broken Butterfly, a pistol called Matilda, and a machine gun called the Chicago Typewriter.
  • Cutscene: If there's any examples of subverting a cutscene (i.e. adding gameplay to them), then it's when this game added Press X to Not Die to them.
  • Cutscene Boss:
    • You don't actually need to fight Saddler's One-Winged Angel form, a.k.a. the final boss, at least on Normal difficulty. Much frustration is saved when you realize you can just run away from him and immediately end the fight with the cranes holding the I-beams, followed by the Special Rocket Launcher Ada drops.
    • Also done earlier in the Press X to Not Die flavor when fighting Krauser for the first time; the entirety of the battle is a dialogue exchange with the occasional unexpected QTE thrown in to keep things interesting.
  • Cutscene Power to the Max:
    • Leon often displays acrobatic feats and neat gadgets that the player doesn't get to use.
    • In the GameCube version, Ada's grappling hook only appears in cutscenes, not being utilized in the Assignment Ada quest. The later ports allow limited use of it in Separate Ways.
  • Damn You, Muscle Memory!: The HD versions of the game (360, PS3, XB1, PS4, and the second PC release) use a control scheme that is modeled more after Resident Evil 5, meaning controls like "Raise weapon" was moved from the right trigger to the left. This in turn can be very disorienting for someone who's more familiar with the SD versions (GC, PS2, Wii, or the first PC release). What's worse is there is no way to correctly map the controls to be more familiar for veteran players. Oddly, the HD Remaster Edition on Steam has the gun controls all mapped to the right bumper and trigger, more like the GameCube version, and it cannot be remapped. It also uses the GameCube version's direction arrows on the GUI for the various rifle scopes.
  • Dartboard of Hate: Shortly after Luis's death scene, a file contains a photograph of dartboard with his face on it.
  • Dashing Hispanic: Luis, as the cabin siege sequence can attest, showing great skill with his pistol:
    Luis: Did you send out those invitations!? I told you, no more than FEEFTY PEOPLE!
  • Daylight Horror: The village section takes place during the day. It isn't until Leon crosses the lake that night falls, and stays that way until the boss fight with Saddler.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Leon, and to a lesser extent, Saddler.
  • Death Is a Slap on the Wrist: When you die, you are transported back to the last save point or area-load location (green text), with your health and items restored to what it was before you died.
  • Developers' Foresight:

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